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Interview With Palm Beach County Realtor WENDY KUPFER

What do you love about being a realtor?

The best part of being a real estate agent is the people. I treat my clients like family, and the lasting friendships I build with buyers and sellers are truly special. It’s incredibly fulfilling to assist wonderful people with this very important transaction and to welcome them into their new homes. I’m extremely grateful for the trust they place in me.

Why should buyers and sellers work with you?

I make sure not to overextend myself, as it’s crucial for me to be fully available to my clients. I prefer not to work with assistants because, when you hire me, you’re getting my personal attention and commitment. I never use lockboxes on properties because I attend every showing personally. I’m passionate about my work, and I wholeheartedly dedicate myself to giving 100% to each and every client I have the privilege of working with.

Why did you make the move to join Compass?

I joined Compass because of the benefits this brokerage affords my clients. When you are selling your home, you want as many eyes on your listing as possible. Compass has almost 30,000 top agents around the country, in every major market and has invested over one billion dollars into their technology platform. We have a platform just for Compass agents that’s similar to social media and when an agent brings a new listing to market, it goes out on this platform to all of those agents. Over 1,000 people a day move to Florida, so we have many different “feeder markets” and your listing reaches agents in our feeder markets.

If you’re a buyer, we have access to private exclusives through our technology platform. Private exclusives are for people that are interested in selling but for various reasons don’t want to list their home on the Multiple Listing Service. There are many client benefits to being with the #1 brokerage in the country by volume.

Why is this a good time to be selling your home or buying a new one in Palm Beach County?

In Palm Beach County, we’re currently experiencing a decrease in inventory, which can work to your advantage as a seller. Less inventory creates higher demand and higher prices. With fewer properties on the market, your listing can truly stand out, especially when staged and priced properly. This makes it an excellent time to consider selling.

Life changes may require you to buy a new home. With current interest rates, fewer buyers mean less competition, potentially avoiding bidding wars and offering better negotiation opportunities. When rates drop in the future, the market could become more competitive, making it harder to secure a home you love.

While it’s essential to stay informed about national real estate trends, it’s crucial to remember that each local market has its unique characteristics. My primary focus is on Palm Beach County, and I’ve proudly called Boca and Delray Beach my home for over 35 years. This area is my specialty, and I understand it intimately.

How do you prefer to communicate with your clients, and how often can they expect updates?

I am your partner in your real estate transaction and communication is a pivotal element for a successful experience. Sadly, some clients have shared that their past agent relationships soured due to poor communication. I’m proud that many clients have commended my excellent communication skills.

I prioritize keeping clients informed, ensuring they don’t have to chase me for updates. I utilize multiple channels, including calls, texts, and emails, to provide real-time updates and keep them in the loop throughout the process.

How do you prepare a home for sale?

Preparing a home for the market is of utmost importance. When potential buyers enter, they should envision themselves living there, not be reminded of the current occupants. Staging your home to resemble a model home is essential, and I’m here to assist with that. I have access to many resources, including Compass Concierge which assists clients with the costs in preparing their home for sale. Decluttering plays a significant role; it involves removing personal items, like photographs, to create a more neutral and appealing environment for potential buyers. In the case of an older or significantly distressed home, I may recommend that the sellers conduct a pre-listing inspection. This proac-tive step helps us avoid unexpected issues that could arise.

How available are you for showings?

I attend every showing. You’ve chosen me to represent your interests, so I’m there to highlight the unique features of your home and ensure it is presented in the best light. Second, my presence helps protect your property and valuables during these viewings. Additionally, when hosting an open house, I’m personally present to create a welcoming, upscale experience for guests, including potential buyers and local brokers.

What are your favorite things about living in South Florida?

I enjoy living in South Florida for the beautiful beaches, vibrant local culture, energetic atmosphere, diverse dining options, and the strong sense of community and friendships. I absolutely love living in South Florida!


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