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We welcome you to enjoy the Delightful December issue of our magazine, bringing the year 2023 to a close.

And what a year it has been. We’ve interviewed and written about some extraordinary and delightful citizens who enrich our community daily. I have always been amazed by the sheer number of people around Delray Beach and Palm Beach County willing to roll up their sleeves and do good for others, either by raising thousands of much-needed dollars or donating their time, all for a good cause. These delightful, dedicated, and caring folks are abundant, and I say Kudos to you all; You know who you are!

December is a busy month in lots of different ways. Catering and planning for visiting family and friends involves plenty of ‘to-do’ lists. Making a list and then checking it twice.

Which gifts to buy, what food to cook, where to dine, how to entertain??

Here at Atlantic Ave Magazine, we might have you covered. Read on to discover copious and varied ideas to help put a checkmark next to that ‘to-do’ list.

If you enjoy a parade, then you’re in luck; we have two this month and both over the same weekend. December 8th is the Holiday Boat Parade along the Intracoastal around 8 pm and the following day, December 9th is the Holiday Parade from 6 pm – 9 pm. Experience the magic with dazzling floats and festive cheer.

If you recognize this line, “Nobody puts Baby in the corner,” you will undoubtedly be well versed with the songs from the delightful and brilliant movie Dirty Dancing. Get out your dancing shoes because Delray Beach is offering ‘Dirty Dancing Live on December 15th. See this digitally remastered hit film like never before on a full-size cinema screen, with a live band and singers performing the film’s iconic songs. Sounds brilliant!

As we say our final farewell to 2023 and ring in 2024, Atlantic Ave Magazine wishes our Advertisers and Readers – Peace and Joy this Holiday Season and a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year!!!

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