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Building Homes To Fit You And Your Lifestyle

The Stuart & Shelby Development team continues their march forward.

After 50 years in the building business President Chuck Halberg has re-branded their eponymous name to Stuart & Shelby Home Builders.

This new moniker is exactly what it says – the company will now focus on building new homes for clients. Though they will no longer focus on small renovations and historic home rebuilds, the Stuart & Shelby name will still bring the same cache and reputation they have built over the years.

“We have a new website launching this summer and a new logo. Our focus will now be on custom-built homes. We specialize in building new homes and we’re getting a lot of calls for them. We always did custom home building but we didn’t pursue it as much as we are now,” said Halberg, who started in the construction industry as a teenager in Michigan.

Stuart & Shelby is also building homes for developers who value their expertise and longevity in the industry.

Part of their reputation is built on a strong foundation of communication with clients and staff. They collaborate with clients’ architects and designers to provide a quality home that has been value-engineered for cost control. “Clients love that we use a program that reports weekly progress with pictures we send them. We also have weekly on-site meetings with our clients. They get a detailed schedule that is updated every couple of weeks. We believe it is imperative to have open communication and progress report for our clients.”

This can-do attitude is expressed in one of Halberg’s most notorious expressions: “I tell clients (and prospective clients) the same thing—The answer is YES…now what is your question?”

They appreciate the good vibes and creative expression.

“In all of my 10 home purchases, I have never come across a builder’s project manager with such trustworthiness, personality, integrity, organizational skills, and last-minute problem-solving.

He is never late, never makes a promise he can’t keep and helps keep the ball rolling. Not only did he make this an enjoyable process with his sunny personality, but it has been wonderful dealing with Stuart & Shelby,” said Mike and Jan Rosenstein.

There is a good reason for clients’ satisfaction with Stuart & Shelby. It starts with experience and extends to years of knowledge honed on the job.

With his Uncle David as his mentor, Halberg started sweeping floors for a Michigan builder when he was 13. He went to college but knew in his heart that he wanted to be a builder. At 19, Halberg got a call from Holtzman & Silverman to be the superintendent for a 130-unit townhouse project in Michigan.

“I was a superintendent on numerous single-family and apartment projects. In 1980 I was asked to move to Florida for a project in Plantation and two weeks later I started my building career in South Florida.”

He got his General Contractors license in 1986 and a year later went to work for himself. “I was doing renovation work and re-building homes after Hurricane Andrew in 1992. In 1993 Arvida Homes hired me as a construction manager because they were building around 1500 homes a year.”

In 1997, The Holiday Organization (a long-time developer from Long Island) came to Florida and hired Halberg as their Vice President of Construction. From 1997 to 2006 he oversaw land acquisition, development, the building of 557 homes (and town homes) and 214 rental apartments in Palm Beach County. In 2006 Halberg founded Stuart & Shelby Development (named after his sons)

Over the years Stuart & Shelby has built many affordable and workforce homes for cities and nonprofits. They are also known for their work on historic homes, some of which have garnered them awards. Although Stuart & Shelby will be focusing on custom homes, they are still providing affordable and workforce housing for nonprofits and cities.

“We currently have over 40 projects in our pipeline, including many custom homes, affordable homes, workforce housing, and a few multi-family projects.”
A good company is comprised of a winning team. That is exactly what Halberg has assembled.

They currently have a staff of 21. Their leadership includes COO Charles McDonald, a long-time Ohio developer, Vice President of Construction Clavio Gallerani, Director of Construction Estimating Dave Stein, Purchasing Director Patrick Kelly and Office Manager Patty Eldredge.

They moved into their new Delray Beach office two years ago and have a great staff who understands what it takes to make clients happy.

Chuck’s wife Pam is also part of the Stuart & Shelby organization as their comptroller. She is also a realtor with Signature International Premier Properties.

Aside from his construction work Chuck knows the importance of giving back to the community. His name is on walls and plaques at nonprofits and community gathering places.

He is a Founder of Impact 100 Men of Palm Beach, a Board member and major supporter of Arts Garage. He also supports Delray Citizens for Delray Police, the EJS Project, Eat Better Live Better, the Delray Chamber of Commerce and many other nonprofits.

“I always felt it is important to be engaged and support our community with time and financial assistance,” adds Halberg.

Chuck and Pam live in the historic 100-year-old Franklin House in East Delray Beach. Their children were raised in Delray Beach and both live in Delray as well.

Son Stuart is CEO of Logitix, the leader in ticketing analytics for the Sports and Entertainment industry and son Shelby is founder of Blank Frame Films. Shelby and wife Lauren are expecting their first child this August.

“We care about our clients and the product we deliver. As someone engaged in the community our reputation means everything to me, so it is vitally important we do a great job.”

1116 SW 10th Avenue,
Suite C
Delray Beach, Florida

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