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Kim Beckett, A Delray Beach Powerhouse Leader And Volunteer

Kim Beckett is a power source as potent as the solar system. She can widen the aisles of your thought process and pave the way for a new awakening.

And that’s just from a conversation over lunch. The owner of Beckett Consulting came from humble roots. Her father was a welder (on the night shift) at Lockheed Martin and her mother was a bookkeeper at Home Depot.

When she was 15 years old Beckett got her first job at the Big Chicken, a notorious Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in Marietta, Georgia. The 56-foot tall chicken that rises from the top of the building is a metaphor for the meteoric rise of this young woman born in Western North Carolina.

Within a few years Beckett was plucked to become an assistant manager and then a manager. She worked long hours and took pride in doing the right thing for both customers and her co-workers.

“What was fun about working at the Big Chicken was all of my high school friends worked there too, it was like a party.”

But to Beckett all of life is a party, in a good way. She takes joy in educating others, helping non-profits, leading people toward their greatness and letting the sparks fly for innovation and leadership.

To sum up the parts of her entire persona would take a seismic shift in creation. Her resume and bio read like a travelogue in business liturgy and human behavior.

Words like connection, engagement, productivity, goal setting, empowerment, persistence, empathy and thrive are top of mind for her. That is because Beckett is always helping people succeed in the workplace by opening their eyes to principles that make them (and their employers) great.

She does the same thing for non-profits. She’s on the Board of Directors for the Delray Beach Chamber, the Board President of the Delray Beach Public Library and Board President of the Florida Speakers Association.

She may work with a lot of boards, but one thing for sure is that Beckett is never boring. He zest for life and enthusiasm could short out a lightbulb. She is enchanting, brilliant and enthusiastic about life.

“Kim is a wonderful blend of intelligence and heart, decisiveness and fairness. This balance of qualities makes her a great President for the Library Board of Directors and a great public servant. It’s always such a pleasure to work with Kim,” said Mykal Banta, Executive Director of the Delray Public Library.

Jeff Perlman also sees the golden hues of Beckett’s aura.

“Kim is a rare talent. She has a great understanding of how businesses and organizations succeed. What I like most about Kim is her deep experience in the real world. So, the concepts she teaches and practices aren’t just theories. They come from her experiences in business. She’s the real deal. And a great resource for Delray.”

This resourcefulness comes from a reservoir of knowledge and years of hard work, determination and study . When she was young, her mother Venice told her, “Nothing is going to be handed to you. You need to get out there and make your own way.”

Beckett took her mom’s advice and made her own way, one brick at a time. By the age of 20 she was managing a Kentucky Fried Chicken store and taking seminars on leadership and management. She won an award for being a good manager, having superior sales and store cleanliness. She worked hard ( 60 to 70 hours a week) and within five years she moved into training and development.

As a voracious reader and student of people (she took seminars given by inspirational leaders), Beckett soared in her ability to help employees and organizations succeed.

“I consumed all this information, but it was the hardest place to be a leader because you’re managing young people making an hourly wage. As a leader you must be gentle, empathetic, but also firm.”

Knowing how to react (and act) toward people in any situation is one of Beckett’s strongest gifts. She teaches leaders how to handle difficult conversations and communicate with different personality types.

The goal is not to label people, but to help them grow and succeed. Being in a win-win situation for Beckett is akin to a Superbowl championship.

And this woman of compassion and integrity has won the gold more times than you can count on a legal spreadsheet. That is why she is sought out for her expertise on subjects that range from setting goals, networking, coaching, selling, overcoming objectives and other compelling topics.

She also climbed the corporate ladder with as much speed as a cable installer. “I started working in the mortgage department of a bank and worked my way up to a sales manager position.”

“After nine months they put me in a leadership role. I don’t mind starting at a company and working my way up because I know I can prove myself. I’ve done it three or four times in my career.”

Putting one’s ego aside is a rare quality, but that’s what makes Beckett so genuine and inspiring. It’s also the reason non-profits and business leaders find her advice and leadership so compelling.

“I am a big fan of Kim Beckett. She has done team development workshops for us and has been sensational. Kim is one of those rare people who can communicate something complicated in a manner that makes it engaging and enjoyable. She has had a major impact in the community volunteering her time serving on several boards,” said Dr. John Conde, Chiropractic Neurologist

Beckett gives workshops on various subjects ranging from sales to leadership, teamwork and networking. She also understands what makes people tick and what social temperature is optimal for growth.

That talent led her to become a group VP and sales executive at a Bank in Georgia. It also led her to meet the love of her life, husband Scott (whom she calls Mr. Wonderful).

Together they moved to Florida (nine years ago) and what was once a big city gal was transformed by the nuance of Delray Beach.

“I was reluctant to move here because I’ve never lived in a small town. In Marietta I commuted 25 miles to work and it was a much bigger city. My husband Scott said to join the chamber and get to know people, so that’s what I did.

She not only got to meet people, but Beckett was awarded the Delray chamber’s Ambassador of the Year in 2020 and Member of the Year in 2021.

When not working Beckett likes to play piano, listen to classical music (Beethoven especially) and read business books. She also enjoys riding her road bike and spending time with their four children and four grandchildren.

To everyone in Delray, Beckett is a business superstar who em-braces people, ideas and groups with open arms. “I think we all need to have more empathy for each other because that leads to profound harmonious connections.”

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