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The Delray Chamber Of Commerce Took A Page From Barnum And Bailey For Their “We Are Delray” Event

If you know Throw Social then you know that an evening of fun is more than a few drinks and a high five.

You could say that Throw Social is a combination of a Hawaiian Island and a floating party boat. The sky is the limit (literally) and there is so much to do you would think you were in a summer camp for adults.

That’s why the Delray Chamber’s wonder woman Mimi Haley Meister (who created and produced the event) took creative license to make the master of ceremonies fun.

At the front entrance there were two exotic gals (on 6-foot stilts) in neon pink flamingo outfits with wings, leg poufs and headgear. Guests had pictures taken with these birds of a feather who flocked together.

There was also a lady-in-waiting in a huge metal hoop skirt with champagne flutes on her bodice. With darts throwing inside and axe throwing outside it was a night to remember. That was the intention and inspiration. “Our goal was to throw a party that was comfortable, fun and impossible not to create happiness in everyone,” said Meister.

Everyone delivered – expertly. One outdoor Bar area, sponsored by the Medicare Sharks, had a special drink called “Bite Me” in honor of their Shark logo and a 6-foot brightly lit shark.

One of the nights highlights was a Joan Rivers impersonator who made everyone giddy with laughter. There was an interactive photo booth with local business people gripping guitars with funky sunglasses and gregarious garb.

Conde Chiropractic held court at the bar (figuratively) offering Conde Cosmo’s with matching napkins. There was a “Wine or Booze Wall” sponsored by Prime IV for guests who bought wine. Every bag had a surprise gift, a hotel stay, a bottle of booze, restaurant gift certificates and more.

‘The Group’ – which included the gals of the chamber – as well as Nicole Grimes (Grimes Events and Party Tents) and Angela Spera (Event Studio Productions), brought tents, music and characters to life for a good cause.

New Delray chamber member (and snowbird Country rock star) Tim Charron sang, while DJ “Lexie” spun tunes and jumped off the stage and grabbed her violin to play music. It was an outstanding show of talent and interactive bravado that sparked joy.

There was a 22-foot revolving sponsor screen with an homage to all sponsors, especially Posh Properties (the presenting sponsor for the fete that enticed 300 people to attend).

“Posh Properties’ generous sponsorship and unwavering support of the Delray Beach community makes a tangible difference in many lives. Our commitment to giving back is not merely a gesture; it is a cornerstone of our identity and a reflection of our deep appreciation for the community that has embraced us,” said founder Jerilyn Walter.

The Chamber ladies, including Lynn Van Lenten and Stephanie Immelman, prayed away the stormy weather and made sure the show would go on with tents or without. Over 25 volunteers helped bring this interactive feast for the senses alive.

It was an exceptional interactive night for sure. “Since the Cham-ber is known for business to network, we wanted a casual and comfortable atmosphere that would give everyone the chance to mix, mingle and play.” said Meister.

Everyone did just that!

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