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Meet Your Perfect Match

If you believe that love makes the world go round, then you would have something in common with Cheryl Maida.

Maida is the CEO of the premier matchmaking service that makes the process of finding everlasting love a lot easier and more discerning.

Called The Black Tie Club, they specialize in finding professionals their perfect love match. Though dating apps seemed to be the way of the world for meeting your plus one, Maida has redefined and refined this process of finding a mate.

The difference is astounding. It’s like comparing a Chevrolet with a Maserati.

It’s also the only company that offers both personalized match-making and an online app.

Can you imagine being on a dating app with only quality professional men and women who are serious about finding a relationship? Well, you can now. “One unique aspect of our app is that age is not disclosed – but you may search your age range preference.”

Because dating in South Florida can be an arduous process with many variables and unknowns, Maida has made it easy and safe for clients. She gets to know them, does in-depth screenings (and interviews) and hones in on their lifestyle, needs and wants.

“We are a personalized matchmaking service. We do background checks and in-person screenings to verify age and make sure the person is who they say they are. Each male client has a designated matchmaker that they work with,” said Maida, who was formally an executive recruiter with a Fortune 500 company.

After being a stay-at-home mom, Maida’s father planted a seed that sprouted a genius idea for his personable and smart daughter.


“Since I loved helping people find jobs and I loved recruiting, my father said, ‘Being single will never go out of style and there will never be a shortage of single people.’ At first I thought he was crazy, but then I started talking to people and doing interviews and the business took off.”

Like a rocket on jet fuel Maida knows how to interview people and pick out a life partner (or love match) as if she were doing draft picks for an all-star team.

She started with business cards and a savvy sense of what makes people thrive and obtain happiness. She ended up making matches that resulted in hundreds of marriages, long-term relationships and babies.

That was 14 years ago. The past three years she teamed up with online wunderkind John Ferber. A pioneer in online advertising technology (and creator-founder of Advertising.com) Ferber found Maida’s services so compelling he joined her in the quest to create the most comprehensive and classy matchmaking service for discerning professionals.

This is definitely not your traditional matchmaking service. It is hands-on with features you only get from a top-notch business of any scale. It just happens to be one that matches people who belong together. Like magnets of differing polarities, Maida uses her uncanny understanding of people and finds them the partner they would never find on their own, or on a dating website.


She also gives post-date feedback to find out how each person felt about the date, and then discusses issues that are vitally important when dating. “We give feedback after every date –this eliminates ghost-ing, game playing and keeps the process smooth, genuine and real.”

The post-date feedback also leads to a better understanding of the dynamics of relationships and offers constructive criticism that will help throughout the dating process.”

As a matter of fact, Maida is indispensable to her clients. She coaches them on everything from dating etiquette to photography, wardrobe and then some. “We present quality professional women for our clients, and we also set up the date for you.”

She is also very hands-on with clients. Every male member and client has her personal cell phone number. “I am here if and when they need me.”

Maida is the perfect steward for this social mating ritual. She understands her clients’ inner longings and tries to see the best in everyone she interviews. But she is realistic in finding them what they want in a partner. “Our success rate is very high. We pick people who are very serious about having a relationship, but that doesn’t mean they want to be married.”

Some relationships turn out to be life-long friendships that are valuable soulmate currency in the big rotunda of life. The ages range from mid-20’s to 70’s. But that doesn’t seem to be her biggest criterion when finding matches for clients.

“You can’t judge a person by their age. It is just as important to find out their personality and lifestyle. Are they older and want to travel, or younger and want to have a family?”

According to Maida’s sage wisdom of matchmaking, the person you want to meet has to be where you are in your life. Your goals have to match (or be compatible) as well as your personality and what type of life you ultimately want to create.

Women are a valuable and viable part of the process as well. But they must fill out a profile, have an interview and get approved. The memberships for women are free, but male members are reassured that the women’s ages, pictures, profile information, profession and marital status are verified.

The BLACK TIE CLUB also has monthly mixers that bring suitable professionals together in a social setting unlike any other. When you attend a Black Tie Club mixer you know you are entering a private party made up of professional quality men and women.

Clients rave about The Black Tie Club’s members and methodology of introducing people. Making people happy is the byproduct of this extraordinary matchmaking service that caters to discerning professionals.

“My goal for each client is to help them find their life partner. This is not a numbers game, it’s a genuine safe way to find the perfect person for you.”


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