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The Boutique Spa of Wonders

Who doesn’t want to feel peace and serenity, health and happiness? Not many. That is the reason that Stacy Norman created Peaceful Body Spa, a boutique spa in downtown Delray.

Peaceful Body Spa is not a corporate venture, nor is it part of a hotel where commerce and comfort comingle amidst the hyperactivity of its guests.

Instead, this calm serene spa is dedicated to the health and wellness of its clients from the inside out.

They do that by way of Anti-Aging and Oxygen Facials, Microneedling, Acne solution Facials, Hot Stone, Deep Tissue and Vedic Thai Massages, Body Scrub treatments, and other modalities that sooth the body, mind and spirit.

Business has been so good that Peaceful Body Spa has spread their metaphorical wings and added more treatment rooms, a Thai Massage room, two more Couple’s Suites and a light airy waiting room.

And, after 18 years of owning spas, Norman has hit the sweet spot of popularity and reverence from clients.

“Stacy is so incredible, and an absolute wonderful woman. Her efforts and passion for wellness are exemplified in both the appearance of the spa as well as the entire staff,” said Sam.

Ana Gomez describes Peaceful Body Spa as a place of tranquility with skilled hands that creates an oasis of serenity.

That is exactly what Stacy had it mind when she opened this spa. “I love to make people feel good. I also like to see them uplifted with positive energy.”

Stacy rarely says something without achieving it. Her mission has always been to create customized, therapeutic, effective treatments in a serene and relaxing space.

She has accomplished that goal with ease. “I care about my clients and my business. People know they will get a good service here; we create an atmosphere that is conducive to both physical and spiritual healing.”

That is why they recently enhanced their space to accommodate more clients and services. “We’re so excited to provide more space for clients. It’s easier to get an appointment now and we have new practitioners.

Clients are also embraced by a caring staff whose goal is to make guests feel welcome and comfortable. The atmosphere is a nexus of compassion by way of professionalism and exceptionalism. Guests can feel it.

“If I could give this experience 10 stars I would! I came with chronic shoulder pain and tightness in my back. Brian was phenomenal at finding the trigger points causing my pain. I highly recommend a deep tissue massage reiki combo with Brian. My body and spirit feel top notch and my heart is grateful,” said Tiff.

Feeling good is a great place to aspire to. And, a Thai Massage is one way to get there. Norman went to Thailand to study Vedic Thai Mas-sage and learned this modality from all angles.

“Thai Massage is a lazy man’s (or woman’s) yoga. You will feel you took a yoga class, and you will get all the benefits of one without any of the work.”

They also have two new couple’s suites. They’re not only for couples, but are perfect for mother and daughter days, pre-wedding pampering and anniversary gifts.

You can pick any massage or have different treatments in the same room. “One person can get a facial and another a massage; you can mix and match the services. It’s for anyone who wants to experience relaxing together.”

They also have a $99 monthly special. For April they’re offering a $99 lymphatic massage. It’s excellent for post-surgery, detox, or a weight loss journey because it helps reduce stagnant fluids.

They also offer Nanofusion, that makes skin softer and smoother us-ing creams that penetrate into the skin. There are prenatal massages, as well as magical Reiki classes, one-on-one private Reiki sessions and guided meditation.

These healing modalities will transport you to a magical place of wholeness, healing and relaxation. Guests feel more balanced, grounded, peaceful and open to the natural joy and serenity of existence.

Stacy’s compassion for helping others is always front center. She hosts events that benefit others in a meaningful way. Last month she held her annual clothing swap. People dropped off clothing or accessories and were able to take what they wanted from three color-filled rooms.

Clothing was also donated to aZul – Fashion, Art & Design (a non-profit providing creative design programs for adults with disabilities). Students took clothing to re-design and sell at their annual Spring PopUp shop on May 11th at “The Square” in West Palm Beach. The rest of the clothing was donated to local charities. “I am obsessed with helping the community. I just love giving back.”

Peaceful Body Spa’s goal is to help clients feel and look their best. That’s why they offer customized services based on client’s needs, whether emotional, energetic or physical.

They also create at-home skincare routines with products to help keep your skin beautiful and youthful.

Peaceful Body Spa is the safe port in the natural ebb and flow of life. It’s a place of kindness and care, nurturing and healing. It’s everyone’s happy place for rejuvenation of body, mind, and spirit.

Stay tuned for their Mother’s Day Special.

205 N. 5th Terrace Delray Beach, FL

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