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It’s a fact. Whether or not you had braces as a child, teeth shift with age. There are multiple negative side effects of teeth shifting which include poor/ compromised function, uneven and excessive wear of teeth, difficulty with proper hygiene, increased staining or discoloration and increased risk of periodontal disease (gum recession and bone loss).

Frankly, crowded, poorly aligned teeth detract from one’s appearance, give the impression of poor personal hygiene AND are a sure sign of age!

Orthodontic treatment is NOT just for children and teens. Adults comprise half of our patients at Moroco Orthodontics!

Although there are multiple benefits of adult orthodontic treatment, the desire to achieve a striking smile and attractive, more youthful face motivates most adults to seek orthodontic care.

Age is absolutely no barrier to having orthodontic treatment! Patients in their 30s, 40s, 50s and even well into their 80s are routinely and successfully treated with orthodontics. In fact, adults are excellent orthodontic patients given that they have personally elected to pursue their orthodontic treatment. They maintain excellent hygiene and follow-up visits with their dentist, follow the orthodontists’ instructions to the “T” and faithfully keep their appointments. Very often, adult patients will finish sooner than the estimated treatment time…and sooner than their adolescent counterparts.

But let’s face it, adults don’t want to wear braces! At the very least, they don’t want anyone to know that they are wearing braces. At Moroco Orthodontics, we are the experts in adult orthodontic treatment. We offer multiple, discreet orthodontic treatment options including Invisalign, lingual braces (braces behind the teeth) and clear/ceramic braces. Occasionally, we will even combine these options to achieve the optimal treatment result in the most discreet and efficient (fastest) manner.


For patients of all ages, orthodontic care is now a much more pleasant experience. Today’s patients enjoy less treatment time than in the past, fewer and easier appointments, and major technical advances such as digital scanning of teeth that replaces messy in-the-mouth impressions as well as remote appointments with Dental Monitoring, which
provides our doctors with weekly photos and videos of the treatment progress w/o a visit to the office. With the introduction of this technology, we can keep a closer eye on treatment progress with less physical visits to the office.

As with all patients, retainers are recommended following orthodontics to maintain the treatment result. Retainers are simple re-movable or fixed devices that keep teeth in their new positions.

We often call retainers your “Insurance Policy” because they assist in avoiding the time and cost associated with further orthodontic treatment in the future. Retainers might also be appropriate for an adult who has just started to notice shifting of the teeth but is not yet in need of any orthodontic correction. We even have Retainer Insurance Plans to cover our patients for several years following completion of their orthodontic treatment!


Moroco Orthodontics is the essence of a high-tech, high-personal-attention professional practice. We employ very low-dose, high-quality digital imaging. Our orthodontic appliances benefit from the latest methods in computer-assisted design and manufacture (CAD-CAM). Additionally, Moroco Orthodontics has a highly trained, certified staff with a combined 150+ years of experience in the orthodontic field.

Come see our state-of-the-art practice and learn more about Dr. Mo-roco, Dr. Simon and the team. We are happy to provide a complimentary consultation to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Whatever the age, Moroco Orthodontics can make you proud of your smile again!
Moroco Orthodontics has been creating beautiful smiles for South Florida families since 1993. We have dedicated ourselves to personalizing the orthodontic experience for every age using the latest advances in technology to ensure our patients’ corrective plans are as targeted and time-conscious as possible. We believe that it’s not just about the final smile… It’s about grinning through the entire experience.

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