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Make Sure Your Car Is Road Ready From Top To Bottom

Jonathan Augusto was born to be in the car business. His father raced cars and inspired young Jonathan to change a tire in three minutes.

That was a long time ago. But Augusto has been a car guy ever since then. Call it happenstance or family breeding, but the young man who could change a tire at lightning speed now owns a full collision auto shop that does body work on domestic and exotic cars.

Called Jadi Auto Recon this full collision shop also does custom painting, reconditioning, interior repairs, bumper refinishing, headlight Restoration and more.
Their reputation supersedes conventional wisdom and is the reason the shop has grown from 800 square feet to 8000.

That doesn’t surprise Gary Weston of Delray Beach. The car collector has been taking his beloved cars to Jadi Auto Recon for the past 10 years.

And, this man knows a lot about cars. He owned a car wash in Delray Beach and was a car dealer in New York. He also brings his Bentley (and his 11 other cars) to Augusto to fix dents, scratches or paint touch-ups.

“I send a lot of people to Jonathan and have never heard one single complaint. He is always there and he can do anything. It is very difficult to paint cars today. They have a base coat that makes it very hard to match the color. Jonathan gets it perfect every time. He really does great work. I bring him all my cars,” said Weston.

Steve of Delray Beach is equally impressed – not only with Augusto’s work ethic and talent, but with this humanity and humility.

“I had a wonderful experience with Jadi Auto Body. Jonathan went above and beyond to help my aunt and myself with her car repairs. It was in a fender bender which required towing. He was very kind and patient with her and her concerns. He not only had the car towed to his shop, but he drove my aunt home.”

Steve was impressed with their follow-up and constant updates about the car. “Upon completion, Jonathan drove the car to her residence. They were Fast! Accurate! And, the workmanship was excellent and the service second to none.”

A few weeks later Steve had some concerns and Augusto told him to bring the car back. “In two hours he called me back and assured me he had checked and repaired it at no charge. I highly recommend them.”

After 28 years in the business Augusto has gained a loyal following. There is a good reason. He is a man on a mission.

“I have always loved cars. When I was young, I wanted the challenge of fixing something. Now that I am a little older, I like to help my customers get their cars looking good and working well.”

With cars so scare those are magic words. With the lack (and high price) of new and used cars, people want to keep their cars longer and preserve their beauty. That’s one reason Augusto sees so many people bringing in their cars for reconditioning.

“I brought my BMW in for an estimate. Jonathan was professional and honest. I scheduled my car to be fixed and he had it done on time. It looks better than it did brand new!”

There is other news at Jadi Auto Recon.

Jonathon Grant Augusto (Jonathan Jr.), who worked with his father in the car business, has enlisted in the Navy. “My son will be in a submarine in the navy because he wants to serve his country.”

Jonathon Sr.’s wife Toni has also made cars her life’s work and passion. She works at Napleton, a very large group of dealerships, and is a director of Service, Parts and the Bodyshop. “We both share a passion for cars and I am so proud of the excellent work that Jonathan does. We go to races together and we enjoy our life, and our work.”

Augusto has done such a great job repairing and refreshing cars that he works on domestic and exotic cars for large Auto Dealerships.

He also devised ways to keep cars looking good despite the South Florida terrain. “We have a ceramic coating we put on cars to keep them shiny. The beach salt air can erode the metal of your car, we have an undercoating that keeps it rust free for quite a while.”

Jadi also paints fiberglass boats with the same perfectionism. “I send my boats to Delray because of the quality of work and painting at Jadi. They are old school in their craftsmanship. Jonathan knows how to fix what other people have to replace.”

If your car needs detailing, collision work, painting, reconditioning (or anything else) call and make an appointment. They also take all insurance.

They look forward to meeting you and making your car sparkle.

402 SE 5th Avenue Delray Beach

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