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Success Just Doesn’t Happen… It’s Personal!

As the real estate business races towards big data, AI, and robots…Michelle Sadownick’s taking it personally.

Michelle’s commitment to Sellers and Buyers – community and product knowledge – 16 years experience based and centered on individual client relationships. When you call Michelle, you will get Michelle.

Michelle says: “Don’t get me wrong. Realty Home Advisors Delray Beach provides me with leading edge integrated technology systems with the ability to pinpoint buyers and sellers worldwide before and during my client’s journey. However, without our company providing

my own Personal Business Coordinator to organize and operate my technology group – and facilitate personal communication with Buyers/Sellers in real time, my business wouldn’t flow as well, it just would not be as personal.”

“I’ve always depended on myself as a young woman growing up in Connecticut. Working, learning, and shaping my future to make me who I am. Even today I am consistently monitoring new listings, prioritizing communication, and staying apprised of emerging trends.”

“Bringing yoga into my life changed me forever, deepening my knowledge of the body, mind, and spirit connection. Through the practice of yoga and meditation, I have learned to trust in the universe as well as my own innate instincts. The result is a more focused attention, emotional calm, and a compassion for others. Be-coming a yoga instructor was one of the greatest joys of my life…in addition to Tuscany, my gorgeous Pomeranian.

“Realty Home Advisors International gives me the global marketing connections I need with a 125,000-agent salesforce network in 38 countries via our affiliation of the world’s finest brokers.”

“Growing up in the foster system, I decided now it’s time to “Give Kids a Voice.” Kids in any family just want to be heard. Finding strength and defining my commitment for life started in my childhood. I am currently forming my own 501-3-C organization to do just that – Give Kids a Voice. My organization will provide a number of platforms, professional counselors and growth programs, outstanding peer role models sharing their successes. But mainly listening and giving kids a voice, especially foster children, allowing them to express feelings, and their goals for their future hopes and dreams.”

“At my Realty Home Advisors Delray Beach office, my sales and marketing support is ranked #1. It is a one-on-one Top Agent Experience – where I have my own company paid, trained, full time, licensed Personal Business Coordinator, adding to my business and reducing stress! “Our RHA PBC support program called the Power of One al-lows me to provide the personal client services I pride myself on.” 

“If you ever called a real estate company before, been put on hold, transferred to voicemail or from department to department, that’s over at our Delray Agent Customer Service Center. We call it The Pow-er of One – personalizing and innovating your real estate experience.” 

“One Agent – One Personal Business Coordinator, one number, one email, connecting the Real Estate process personally every step of the way.”

“Even though the world and real estate is likely to get much more complicated, my Personal Business Coordinator is making life easier and balanced. Helping my business grow month over month. The Pow-er of One personal support gives me more time for family, yoga, philanthropy and Tuscany, as well as my valued clients. Finally, a real estate company that works for me my way, and a business culture that works for Top Growth Agents and the consumer. Not the other way around.


Certified Luxury Marketing Specialist Realty Home Advisors International 222 Palm Court, Delray Beach, FL 33444


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