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Miniature Golf in the City

Tired of staying home and waiting for the calendar to change months? Want to get outdoors and feel the wind through your hair in a tropical paradise?Wait no more.

Tired of staying home and waiting for the calendar to change months? Want to get outdoors and feel the wind through your hair in a tropical paradise? Wait no more.

Putt’n Around Delray Beach is open and waiting for you to go to get on board with an activity that is good for the heart and soul. It’s a beautifully manicured 36-hole miniature golf course that will take you from reality into a fantasy of lush botanical gardens and wildlife lore.

And the best part – it’s all outside and easily accessible for all age fun-seekers. Not only do you have your choice of two courses (each 18-holes) but it simulates the wilder side of our natural resources. The “Ocean Course” has sea faring sculptures, waterfalls, larger than life statues of ocean dwellers (such as mermaids, dolphins, and alligators) and a cacophony of water and sandscapes.  “The Everglades” is equally as enchanting with bronze sculptures of peli-cans, manatees and other jungle habitat dwellers.  

No matter which side you find yourself on you will be serenaded by looming lush foliage. There are Ylang-Ylang trees, Bamboo, an African Tulip tree and 800 different plant species. 

If you walk around the Garden you can learn about indigenous native plants such as the Palm trees, Thryallis flowers, Thorny silk Floss Trees and Calypso Oleanders. Let’s just say an education and a fun workout is a tall order for any place. But for Putt’n Around its par for the course, so to speak.

The courses on both sides are exhilarating and exciting, a veritable feast for those who enjoy getting exercise and enjoyment amid native Florida terrain.

Putt’n Around is one of the most fun things to do in Delray Beach that does not require dress attire or a home-study course. Just ask Susan.

“This is the most fun place on the planet – it is beautiful and ethe-real – with a twist of nature and nurture to satisfy the most jaded human. You can play either course or both, if you have time. This is what the doctor would order if he or she could write an Rx for health and excitement.”

It’s easy to find Putt’n Around (on Federal Highway and NE 4th Street) but if you get lost their mascot “Putty” will flag you down. Putty is dressed up like a golf ball and stands tall (and very round) outside this homage to miniature golf.

If you want a drink while battling the intricacies of mole hills and winding greens you can call Putt’n Around’s clubhouse and they’ll deliver a beverage or food to your golfing spot. 

“We created ‘The 19th Hole’ to be the window service of the clubhouse concessions and amenities. You simply ring the bell and place your order, or request whatever it may be that you need.”

They serve over 50 different Craft Beers, alcohol cider, wine, Cheese quesadilla, pizzas, burgers, chicken tenders, chicken sandwiches, grilled cheese, hot dogs, ice cream and soda. 

If you have a date, or want to enjoy the company of friends at night, head over to Putt’n Around. It is then that this tropical paradise comes to life with hundreds of miniature lights in all colors. Though it is warm all year long in Florida (most days), at night this landlocked floating panorama looks like Shangri La in full bloom.

The grounds are so beautiful they have won many landscape awards. The Florida Federation of Garden Clubs honored their auspicious homage to nature, and everyone else who goes there is charmed by its innocence and imagination. 

That was the master plan. “When we moved to Florida there were limited opportunities for teenagers in downtown Delray. At First Night (on New Years’ Eve) there was such a long line to play nine portable holes of miniature golf, a light went off in my head,” said owner Elise Johnson.

Johnson’s son Daniel is now managing Putt’n Around and he’s doing it with charm and dedication. They’re paying close attention to sanitizing all balls and golf clubs, as well as door knobs and other surfaces.  

Putt’n Around is known for its relaxing vibes, one-of-a-kind courses, microbrews and ethereal surroundings. They are also known their philanthropic contribution to the community. Be-fore the pandemic they hosted parties and fundraisers, but until the pandemic is over they are all on hold.

Putt’n Around is perfect for families, seniors and folks of all ages. You’ll have a wonderful time, enjoy the challenge and mysteries of miniature golf, and share the majesty and magic of an outdoor wonderland planned for everyone’s enjoyment. 

It’s also stroller and handicap accessible and open every day of the week.

350 NE 5th Ave Delray Beach, FL 33483
561) 450-6162

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