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LET’S TALK MORTGAGES: Your Local Mortgage Experts

You can find John Digges and his team hosting an event at their office, with real estate partners discussing the mortgage industry, or with their clients at the closing table.

For 24 years, John Digges has helped his clients navigate the real estate industry and find the best mortgage for their dream home or investment property.

His company, Let’s Talk Mortgages, has become a trusted resource for homebuyers.

“We work with our community and for our community, helping families and individuals get into the home of their dreams,” said John Digges, Producing Branch Manager for Let’s Talk Mortgages. “We don’t just work for South Florida homeowners; we are South Florida homeowners. We live here, we work here, our kids go to school here, and we want to see our communities thrive.”

Securing a mortgage can sound daunting, but John Digges and his team help make it easy. John and the Let’s Talk Mortgages team focuses on building long-term relationships with their clients.

“Real finds real; we pride ourselves on being ourselves, which in turn creates a solid relationship with clients and referral partners. We have grown organically by always doing the right thing even if it means we are not the one who closes the loan,” he said.

John started working in the loan business at a young age and has spent the past 24 years in the mortgage industry, from brokerage companies to National banks. He joined NQM Funding to assist in the rapid growth of the company, which is a direct result of its excellent reputation throughout the State of Florida. Throughout his career, John has prided himself on providing thousands of satisfied homeowners with their mortgage financing needs.

“I essentially fell into the business when I moved here at 19 years old. I would play basketball every day after work with a group of guys. One day, I was asked if I would like to earn extra money by making calls for him to potential clients. This was the beginning of my days in the mortgage industry at the ground level of making sales calls,” he said.

Let’s Talk Mortgages does it all. They can be super price-sensitive to win cookie-cutter loans and have limitless options to assist clients with every type of purchase, refinance, or just advice for the future.

“My experience as an owner and a Sales Manager provides a level of expertise that has resulted in many of my clients becoming clients for life. I have developed a high level of trust with every real estate professional I have worked closely with providing the outstanding service they require. I am a family man at heart, extremely goal-oriented with a strong moral belief system,” said John.

John lives, works and volunteers in Delray Beach. He and his wife Jennie have four children who go to school in Delray and are very involved in the community. Their oldest daughter Aubrey is 14, son Levi is 12, daughter Dylan is 9, and our final addition Finn who is 7. John is a Highland Beach Sea Turtle volunteer, where he walks the beach and marks sea turtle nests. His team can be seen on golf carts and walking along Atlantic Avenue wearing Let’s Talk Mortgages t-shirts.

“When I am not assisting clients or realtors, my time is spent with my loving family. We have lived in South Florida for 24 years to which we have a strong attachment and are very involved in the community,” said John.

He purchased a new office in East Delray Beach across from the Seagate Hotel to ensure the company would always have a main location close to home and the town his family loves dearly.

“We are very connected to our local market in Delray Beach and all areas of the great State of Florida. We are also licensed in 48 states, and we service with the same commitment of service. The long-term goal is continuing our growth organically both locally and nationally and continuing to be the go-to lender for realtors and clients looking for an open book approach to closing loans,” added John.

Let’s Talk Mortgages has become a trusted resource for clients. They get many referrals from previous clients and can cover all bases in the market, from Conventional, VA, FHA, Jumbo loans to bank statements, asset base loans, and below-average credit clients. They have a large private lending arm to help investors and clients for a substantial down payment.

“Many clients come to us referred and know there is a level of trust. We have all the products and we can be as price sensitive as anyone, but our longevity in the business and ability to take someone in any situation and place them with the correct loan puts us above in the market,” he added.

His customers praise John and his team for their dedication to helping them close on their dream home.

“Awesome experience. It was our first time purchasing a house in the United States, so we had no experience. However, we always felt absolutely well-guided and safe by how Carlos and John handled the situation. The work they both did was excellent, and we are 100% satisfied with the results. Would love to repeat the experience again with them, thanks so much to both!” said a happy client.

“They come with our highest recommendation. Not only did everyone in the office make the mortgage experience seamless, but they were also very kind and professional, going above and beyond even after we closed in ways that are not usual and customary for a mortgage company. It was as if we could count on them like a close friend or family member. They truly care and work diligently to help you reach your goal,” added another client.

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