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“Interior Design Is The Bridge Between A Vision Of What Is Yet To Exist And The Manifestation Of That Vision Into Existence” – J.H.

At Interior Bliss Design Studio, we see our client’s vision and manifest that vision into their reality. We are a full-service boutique design firm catering to high-end luxury properties. Jeni Hickson, the founder of Interior Bliss Design Studio and Principal Interior Designer, has over two decades of industry experience ranging in Luxury Private Residential Properties, Condominium Models and Common Area Design, Commercial Spaces, as well as Model Merchandising and Staging. For us it’s all about quality over quantity.

Most large-scale custom projects start with the architectural planning and interfacing through the construction buildout, then finish with the procurement and installation of all interior items…down to the last pillow.

This is a multifaceted process from start to finish, and can be extremely relationship-based, which we love!

What sets Interior Bliss apart is their creative edge, artistic style, industry experience, and dedication to creating long-lasting client relationships.

Clients, like J. Queen, praised the Boutique Design Firm, “After purchasing our 2 ½ acre waterfront lot, we spent over a year looking for an Interior Designer and Builder going to every “Parade of Homes” within a 2-hour drive. Every time we kept coming back to the homes and models designed by Interior Bliss Design Studio. Jeni was polite and professional even in the most stressful situations, she listened to our ideas and was able to blend our personal preferences into the design concepts. If we had not consulted with Interior Bliss, we simply would have a completely different house inside and out. Jeni was truly a gift to our family, a trusted advisor and business partner, we are forever grateful.”

Jeni, a New Smyrna Beach, Florida native, enjoyed much of her youth at the beach, summer trips lobstering in the keys, watching sunsets on the boat, Captain of the Swim Team, and Lifeguarding. She’s also had a lifelong love for Arts, something that has fueled her passion for Design. “I am truly inspired by nature, travel and the arts, it has been a driving source for my design creativity throughout my life.”

Having been born into a family of custom home builders, Jeni, from a young age was given a unique opportunity to glimpse into the worlds of architecture, building, and design. With Jeni’s endless curiosity for art and fashion, she naturally was drawn towards the world of design. Later, she attended High Point University where she earned her degree in Interior Design, ultimately culminating in the creation of Interior Bliss Design Studio.

With over two decades of wide-ranging experience in the Interior Design and Building Industries, Interior Bliss has received multiple achievement awards, accolades, and recognition in The Parade of Homes, Showcase Homes, Images Holiday Tour of Homes, along with being an instrumental part of the visionary team that helped to develop, The Florida Days Community, in New Smyrna Beach, FL.

Throughout the years, Interior Bliss has established and thoroughly vetted multiple exclusive vendor partnerships, allowing them to offer procurement of luxury brands that are “To The Trade Only”. Kravet is one of our amazing partners, we truly value, with showrooms in Hollywood and Jupiter, offering a vast array of luxury products to our clients.

“Thank you for your participation in the Images Designer Show Home, your design was stunning, unique, and appealing. I personally heard many people say that your room was their favorite. I know it was mine. On behalf of Images and Atlantic Center for The Arts, I thank you for your commitment to making New Smyrna Beach remain one of the best small towns for the Arts in the United States,” commented B McNamara, Im-ages a Festival of the Arts.

“We contracted Interior Bliss Design Studio to provide a creative plan for our “Dream Home” in The Florida Days Community. Jeni provided us with a clear vision, from the exterior to the interior specifications. Jeni became our trusted partner during this project, her professionalism and organizational skills are unparalleled,” added B Newman.

When Interior Bliss decided to expand into the South Florida market, Delray Beach was an easy choice. “Delray embodies a cozy hometown feel with all the luxury and opulence South Florida offers. Combining a sense of community, with creativity and an artistic edge, as well as a laid-back beach vibe. We are truly looking forward to putting down roots here and becoming an active part of the community!”

Delray, being a national recipient of the prestigious Blue Flag Award, stood out in a big way and resonates with us at Interior Bliss. “As our world is changing, these changes will impact most areas of our lives, especially the way we view and use our homes. It is the one space we can have control over the quality of our environment.

“Designing homes will not just be about the aesthetics, it will become a place to “Bio Hack” your environment for a better quality of health,” exclaims Hickson.

Looking at various elements that contribute to creating a holistic home with “biohacking” your environment;

Water; purification systems and plumbing pipes, Air; purification and ventilation, Surfaces; that do not contribute to toxic off gassing

Electrical and Lighting; Led lights emit varying degrees of micro surge Electric Pollution MEP – Dirty Electricity.

Optimizing your health with; Infrared Saunas, Cold Plunge “Spools” (small pools), Hyperbaric Chambers, Zen Gardens, Meditation Spaces, Running Water Fountains Wall Features, etc.,”

These are just a few of the numerous ways we can set up a more holistic home environment focused on elevating our personal health, well-being and longevity.

Interior Bliss Design Studio is currently focusing on Luxury residential properties, New Construction and Condominiums.

Experience first-hand what sets us apart, inquire within.

Instagram: interior.bliss.design.studio
Tel: 386.566.0314

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