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Healer, Artist, and Teacher

Art can help you heal. If you don’t believe it, then you probably haven’t met Ria Ray.

The spiritual healer and artist had to overcome an incomprehensible loss – one that was devastating – but it set the stage for Ray’s journey toward healing.

“I worked really hard to find freedom and creativity from my tragedy. At the same time, I uncovered something magical. I felt compelled to help myself and then give back.”

Ray found her ability to help others was spontaneous, much like that of her artwork. People began showing up in her life that needed help.

“I also started having intuition about people and was able to help them overcome obstacles and live a more meaningful life.”

This realization led Ray to become a spiritual healer. Her thriving practice has helped many people live a more positive life filled with limitless possibilities.

It also set the stage for her artwork, that is a form of healing for her clients and others.

“My art is a doorway into my spiritual practice and my spiritual journey is a doorway into my art.

Not only does she have spiritual wellness retreats and private healing sessions, but her artwork has spiritual powers that channel goodness into owners’ lives.

Collectors feel Ray’s healing powers embedded within the artwork. It empowers them to find their way toward inner peace and joy. Others feel buying her artwork is like having a piece of Ray’s divine spirit. One that will open doors for them and let in the light, whatever form that takes.

For actress Heather Graham, Ray’s mixed media paintings are a means for aspiration and positivity. When Graham told Architectural Digest about her home she described it this way. “I have art from a healer named Ria Ray, who does these great inspirational messages on large canvases. I tell her what I want to get—like love or to direct a movie—and she writes inspiring messages and puts them all over my house. They’re fun and have positive energy.”

Who doesn’t want to tap into their higher power?
Not many.

But, for most people it’s not that easy. For Ray it’s a part of her DNA that she willingly shares with others through her art. “People want to wrap themselves up in my art – It’s as if you were wearing a shawl with good energy in it. Art is destined to help you heal, It’s a part of my healing gift.”

Her artistic gift is one of color, texture and totality. Large canvases are each unique (like children) and make a statement often seen by the viewer in multiple layers. Like life itself from an aerial perspective, Ray’s artwork often has many doorways, wings and passageways.

“My spiritual abstracts are highly textural and have spiritual messages. They speak to people by way of uplifting sayings, sacred words, poetry and calming ethereal scenes.”

Ray’s use of doorways is a metaphor for her life experiences and for her response to them. “My 25 years as a healer has been infused into my artwork, and is then transferred to the people who buy it. The art is sacred to collectors because it becomes a healing vehicle for them. It provides them with a sense of serenity and security,” said the mother of two incredible children.

Ray will often refer to loss as a way to change; one that is not asked for but is demanded, due to a change in life circumstances. “You can either stay stuck inside the threshold or have the courage to walk through the next doorway. In my life I had to become committed to getting better after such a devastating loss. I did everything to heal myself.”

Perhaps that is a universal theme – that of loss and gain and then loss again. This is indeed one of Ray’s most relevant theories and life experiences. And, in today’s world, loss has become a natural sub-particle of existence, something we fight against, yet find in the mere act of living.

That was the reason for her spiritual quest, and the reason why she paints so beautifully and painstakingly. It was her refuge from the pain of loss that became her opening for transformation.

“Life is uncertain and the more we get comfortable being safe in uncertainty, the more we can be fully alive and accepting of our destiny.”

It is comfort that Ray’s artwork provides and it is comfort that most people seek. Ray’s clients (and collectors) find healing and harmony within the platitude of colors and textures that signify Ray’s art.

Clients who were experiencing emotional negativity or fear felt better after hanging Ray’s paintings. Her art also brings about a sense of peace and protection. Clients revel in this serenity and sacredness, and oftentimes collect more than one.

Ray not only creates wonderful healing art projects, but her largest and most ambitious creation is her children. Her daughter Lia is currently working with her mom to create a mother-daughter collection of artwork that will meld the greatness of creation with the sanctity of spirituality.

Ray does not solicit others to join in the realm of her essence; instead they find their way into her life by happenstance, word of mouth or just kismet.

Her clients purchase (and collect) her artwork because they feel they’re carrying forward a bit of Ray’s healing power. And it is that sacred power that transforms lives to be more peaceful, balanced and inspirational.

“I help people tap into powerful realizations that rise to the surface of their consciousness. These realizations hold the power to transform their lives.”

That is why Ray’s artwork is so coveted around the globe, and why so many people see them as a vessel toward joy and serenity.

She invites you to see for yourself.

For individual or group sessions, retreats, or an art commission contact Ria at ria@riaray.com

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