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Hitting the Sweet Spot with Homemade Italian Gelato

Do you want to experience the flavors and sweetness of Italy with the laid-back vibe of Delray Beach?

Ponder no more. Gelato & Co. has opened a store on the Avenue that introduces Americans to what Italians have known for years – that homemade Italian Gelato is creamy, flavorful and yummy.

And at times like this, having a happy place to share good flavors and friendship is paramount.

Zoltan Fonai knows this all too well. The Hungarian native comes to Gelato & Co. every day to savor the taste of coconut gelato and caffé latte. “I love this place. The gelato here is different than I have ever tasted. It’s creamy, has real flavors and is so good.”

The reason for Fonai’s affection for Gelato & Co. is due to their meticulous attention to detail and perfection. The gelato is made fresh daily in their shop and is made with Italian equipment and machines. Unlike American ice cream and other gelato products – that have an unlimited shelf life – Gelato & Co. is made the day you eat it.

You will know that the minute you taste this luscious creamy delightful dessert. There are 22 flavors, and you can have your gelato on a stick with a chocolate coating or in a cup in the flavor of your choice.

Kailey and Conrad from Indiana were strolling down the Avenue one day when they came across Gelato & Co. Sitting at one of their outdoor tables with the signature blue and white striped awnings, the couple were clearly smitten with their coconut and chocolate gelato. “This is our first time here and we can’t wait to come back.”

The reason people are so wowed when they try this homemade gelato is that they have never really had authentic Italian gelato before. Unlike the watery gelato you get at street fairs or kiosks, Gelato & Co. imports the highest quality ingredients and stays true to the original recipes from Italy.

“At Gelato & Co. we don’t use additives, sugar flavorings, GMOs or preservatives. We use real pistachio, almonds and hazelnuts sourced from local farms with no preservatives or additives,” said Gelato & Co. owner Giancarlo.

Giancarlo, who is also imported from Italy, is the perfect host to this discerning friendly upbeat dessert emporium. Giancarlo was born in Milan and attended college in West Palm Beach. He fell in love with the US and wanted to bring a little sweetness from his home country to the US.

“When Americans taste real gelato from Italy they fall in love with it. I had a customer tell me, ‘I went to Italy, and oh my gosh, we had gelato for breakfast, lunch and dinner.’”

It’s easy to see why. The flavors are so subtle and sweet yet they

lack the heavy preservative-laden after-taste that other gelato or ice cream often has.
That is why Gelato & Co. has such a big following. Moms come in with their little ones, and when they leave everyone has a smile on their face and a little gelato on their torso. If you want a real treat, try their Napoleons, ricotta cheesecake with Italian cherry topping, and other decadently delicious desserts.

Made with fresh cream, thin pastry and wickedly wonderful frost-ing, the Napoleon will definitely change your mood and your mindset.
If you are in doubt, just ask their customers.

“This is the best gelato ON EARTH! The taste and texture is incredible. The ambience is trendy and modern; and to top It off they provide outstanding customer service.”

Others agree.

“Gelato & Co. is a sweet gem of a place in Delray Beach. Their authentic desserts bring me back to my time in Italy gorging on gelato and pastries. The service is fantastic and the ambiance is great.”

If you have dietary concerns Gelato & Co. has your back. They of-fer products perfect for vegans and those with food allergies. Some of their gelato is dairy-free and others are gluten-free. The most important thing to note is that their products are made fresh every day without artificial preservatives or flavorings.

The interior space is clean, upbeat and has an authentic Italian flair. Though there are other gelato stores (and ice cream shops) nearby, Gelato & Co. is always brimming with people. Some come to take in the view of the Avenue while sitting under a table outside, while others prefer the homey Italian countryside feel of the indoors.

Gelato & Co. not only has authentic Italian hand-crafted gelato and Italian pastries, but you can custom order cakes or get refresh-ing coffee drinks and paninis.

“Our Italian gelato follows the tradition of the masters with quality that surprises even true Italians. The atmosphere is refreshing and soothing. Our products will sweeten up your day and delight your senses. We guarantee you’ll love our stracciatella gelato – it’s heavenly.

Come to Gelato & Co. – it’s everyone’s happy place!

418 E Atlantic Ave Delray Beach, Florida
(561) 270-3123

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