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Come For The Beauty Leave With The Essence Of Comfort

As women, we have come a long way, not just in careers and family structures but also in comfort and ease.

If our forefathers (and mothers) could see us now, they would think that our fashion choices were for weekend getaways only.

But that is so yesterday.
Today’s fashion masterclass dictates that women can demand more from their fashion choices than ever before. Let’s face it, comfort is king (or queen) for most of us.

That means stiff fabrics and uncomfortable clothing have become a yardstick for what we don’t want. Often these items are relegated to the back of our closets or sent off to the throwaway pile in the sky.

The owners of Hy Pa-Hy Ma know this well. They also know that we want to eat a big meal and still be able to sit down without bursting at the seams.

The reason is simply that Hy Pa-Hy Ma was in Delray before most of the streetlights were installed. As a matter of fact, owner Nance Bernet has lived in Delray since 1955. She and her daughter Mia are pillars in the community and support local causes near and dear to their hearts.

To ensure that everyone looks and feels sleek and slender, they carry a line of pants called Slim-Sation. Technology is what we’ve waited for our whole lives. The flexible tummy control panel is designed to “smooth the tummy, thighs and rear.” They also boast shape recovery technology and the ability to look and feel 10 pounds lighter (Academy Award please).

The Slim-Sation pants come in white, black, navy, denim, and print. To build momentum on this slimming trouser, Hy Pa – Hy Ma has terrific tops and tunics. There are print tunics and shirts to dispel any memory of the blahs, with perk-me-up prints in blasts of colors. One of our favorites is a blue and white geometric print button-down tunic with Red Oriental theme buttons and a stand-up collar.

They also have casual kaleidoscope print dresses in bright hues that will make you feel like Worth Avenue has snuck into your closet. For a bolder blue version, there is a swirl print dress with a contrast print border. These dresses are comfortable, forgiving, and can go from day to evening with lip liner and jewelry (or not).

If there is one common denominator at Hy Pa – Hy Ma it’s that color and style come in different variations. But class stands in its own category. Names like Joseph Ribkoff and Frank Lyman are scattered around the store with their signature designer jackets with sequins or ‘au courant’ contemporary styling. Jackets and tunics with this fashion pedigree are fitted to one’s lifestyle in a more aristocratic way. When you walk into a room, the compliments will pile up like cars on The Avenue.

Shoppers like to call this store their safe port in the storm of heavenly fashion. Rosemary has ruled this her sweet spot off the Avenue. “The styles, the affordability, the lovely accessories – everything is really great.” And Gideon signed and sealed his approval. “Super sweet little store right off Atlantic! Don’t miss it, it was my wife’s favorite of the day!”

It’s easy to see why everyone loves this store. The clothing is unique and you can shop without the clatter of noise and bombardment of marketing messages. The dark wood interior is calming, and the art-defined walls beckon one to slow down and climb into an era of innocence and simplicity.

The best part about shopping at Hy Pa – Hy Ma is that the clothing is handpicked for fashion, comfort and style. Call it the awe factor with a colorful blitz of euphoria that will trickle down your sensibilities. To augment this fashion smash of goodies, they have accessories ranging from rhinestone rope chokers to pearl necklaces, colorful clutch bags and earrings.

Most of the outfits are accessorized for you on the hanger. They have cotton gauze pants with side lattice detail, jeans with embroidery trim, elastic paper bag waist trousers with wide leg, and colorful mix-media jackets with sequin and velvet overlay. The raison d’être (purpose) of all this material matter is to excite and entrance you into getting out of your leggings and into clothing that inspires and excites.

The owners, Nance and Mia know that casual is the order of the day, but they also know that there is always a need for Mother of the Bride Dresses (or Pantsuits) as well as anniversary parties and date nights. For those occasions, there are chiffon dresses (and tunics) with flutter necklines and ruffled tiers that are subtle yet sophisticated.

You know what they say – you can often find the most auspicious things away from the limelight. So, take a short walk down East Atlantic Avenue and make a slight turn to the right into the Waterway East Plaza.

There you will serenaded with colorful classy dresses and sportswear that you can’t live without!

900 E. Atlantic Ave.
Suite 19 Waterway East Plaza

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