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Your Future Awaits with Nicole’s Intuitive Insight

The moment your session starts with Nicole, your life will be changed for the better. All your worries melt away, and you feel an instant sense of calmness as you breathe in Nicole’s positive aura, making you feel at ease and know you are in good hands…

Nicole is truly a gifted psychic with 37-plus years of experience and expertise.

The gift that she has is shown in her readings. Unlike most psychics who probe and ask their clients questions before reading their palm or tarot cards, Nicole doesn’t do that before a reading. She only asks her clients if they want any other guidance after the reading. This is where you will be amazed and telling your friends: “How did she know that?”

Her response to being so accurate: “I read the energy from a person, and I use the tarot cards as a map, the lines of a palm, and their date of birth and connect all areas to detail a reading or something going on in the near or far future.”

Nicole goes beyond just getting a reading about your past, present and future. She truly cares about her clients’ well-being and wants them to have a happier life. Nicole acts more as a psychic intuitive counselor. She has guided many people in the areas of love, family, finances, health, marriage, and negative surroundings. She has also helped on matters that concern people the most, such as decisions in love or reuniting relationships, business, money, and family problems.

To the skeptics, she says having an open mind before a reading is important. “When I am doing a reading, I want the person to be relaxed so I can hear what they are trying to achieve. It’s more than just getting an answer about their career or love life; it’s about trying to heal that person in terms of mind, body, and where they will be going in their life,” said Nicole.

Rather than just answering a question about your life or relationships, Nicole gives direction. She advises clients to use natural remedies and tap into their own psychic abilities. “If someone wants to get a relationship back on track, I direct them to tap into their spirituality to get control of their future. My clients are not just getting a reading, but I’m helping them get a day-to-day perspective of their thoughts. I tell them to focus on the positive; it is truly about what you put out into the universe,” she said.

The local psychic has impressed many with her readings. She has a vast array of clientele throughout the U.S. and internationally. She has been hired to do readings at the Standard Hotel, Chloe fashion show, Bloomingdale events, and on ESPN radio to predict the winners for the NFL. She has been voted Best Psychic by the New Times and was recently featured on Siesta Keys, to name a few of her accolades. Please check out her Instagram.

She offers palmistry, tarot card readings, handwriting analysis, reiki healing, chakra balancing, “cord cutting sessions, and past life regressions. She also offers FaceTime or phone sessions. Nicole says that her FaceTime readings have gotten very busy since Covid, and phone sessions have taken off. She finds them to be very successful because the client is in the comfort of their own home. The energy of the clients is more relaxed and much easier to read.

Clients can buy quartz crystals, scented candles, tarot cards, incense, aromatherapy oils and bath salts, spiritual healing guides and more. Nicole is also available for readings at private parties, birthdays, holiday parties and events.

“I find it rewarding when people come back and tell you about their predictions and that they did come true. Also, to see their appearance and attitude towards life and different situations change, it is rewarding to know that you made that positive change in their life,” said Nicole.

Let Nicole predict your future and guide you in the right direction. She predicts that the City of Delray Beach will continue to have positive growth and expansion with the opening of more restaurants and businesses.

Discover what is in store for you! Call Nicole today for an appointment. She is offering an introductory special on a tarot card reading for first-time clients, as well as phone sessions.

Instagram: innovated_psychic_solutions www.psychictwinsisters.com

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