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Therapeutic Benefits of Medical & Sport Massage

Searching for the right massage therapist, whether for sports/medical relief or relaxation, can be confusing and time-consuming. Fancy websites, TV commercials, or radio ads get us hooked with their promises, believing they can heal and fix our aches, pains, tensions, and ailments

These are often empty promises, and we continue searching for the right person for the job. However, when it comes to Jayson Serrano, it is a different story. He doesn’t rely solely on his website to sell what he has trained and specialized in for many years. Being a professional, natural healer, and listener, Jayson genuinely cares about helping each of his clients feel better through massage therapy, and it is because of this that his customer rating is so high.

His clients’ reviews speak volumes!

In a journey and pursuit for the right massage therapist, there is nothing better than hearing directly from those who can give a verified account of their experience. Jayson prides himself on his customer reviews – and so he should – they are excellent! Here is a small assortment of the reviews Jayson has received on Google.

“Amazing!! I instantly felt better!! Jayson knows what he is doing! I plan on getting a membership and trusting him to get me back in great condition! I’m so glad I stumbled upon medical massages with Jayson! Highly recommend!” (Samantha, December 2021)
“Don’t cheat yourself. Treat yourself and go see Jayson.” (Nassar, November 2021)


“The best massage I’ve ever had! He worked out all my problem areas. Can’t wait to go back!” (Rebecca, September 2021)

“If you need a deep tissue massage, go here! Jason was very thorough, listened to me explaining my symptom areas, and proceeded with his focus on them! If you want to feel better AFTER the massage, you’ll need to experience this real treatment. There’s no tickle party here! I highly recommend deep tissue massage with Jason. Thanks.” (Daniel, September 2021)

“Jayson is awesome. Super helpful in working with me through herniated disc-related back pain and sciatica. Put your trust in him. He knows what he’s doing!” (Nicholas, August 2021)

“I am so glad to find Jayson! I’ve been to so many massage therapists, chiropractors, and physical therapists. He’s basically a miracle worker and has helped me tremendously.” (Frank August 2021)


“Jayson is very professional and pleasant to work with. His studio is clean, comfortable, and very relaxing.” (Anonymous, August 2021)

I’ve done over 30 marathons and a bunch of ultra marathons. It has been really hard to find anyone around who knows their stuff. David and Jason are those people! I recommend them 100%! (Kass, July 2023)

What an addition to my high-performance training team. Jayson helped me through an injury with his skillful therapy. I’m grateful to have him as a resource for keeping me competing at my highest level. I recommend him to everyone. (Anthony, December 2022)

Jayson is a caring and professional massage therapist. He listens to your needs and attends to them during the massage. He knows where the painful areas are and puts the right amount of pressure on those points. I always walk out of there relaxed and rejuvenated. Highly recommended, (Mary, November 2022)

Jayson was amazing! I did the 80-minute massage and left feeling brand new! Most of my pain was relieved by the end of the session. I will definitely be back. 🙂 (Davida November 2022)

A professional and caring massage therapist. He helped me feel safe enough to relax, releasing years of built-up tension through a deep tissue massage. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Thank you, Jayson! (Bridgette, October 2022)

Kevin V is a new My Medical Massage team member but not new to the profession. Kevin graduated from Florida College of Natural Health in 2015 and has been in the field for over seven years. He furthered his studies with LMT Success Group and became certified as a Medical Massage Practitioner in 2018. Kevin continues to seek more styles of massage to incorporate in his therapeutic massages to cater to his client’s medical needs. Kevin can utilize sports therapy stretches, cupping, hot stone, and trigger point therapy.

If you want to add therapeutic massages to your wellness regime, My Medical Sport & Massage has you covered with their membership package, and now you have 3 team members to book with. The membership offers the client a great deal. It includes an 80-minute massage PLUS save up to 33% off any additional services you book.

Book Now on 787-557-8744 or online at mymedicalmassage.com.

1375 Gateway Blvd
Boynton Beach, FL 33426
(MM40838) (MM56598)

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