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Supporting The Community Classroom Kitchen at Space of Mind

Guests and supporters came out to see what Ali Kaufman – of Space of Mind – had to unveil in her new Pub at the Hub event.

They raised over $50,000 at this outstanding event that supports the completion of the Community Classroom Kitchen.

If you don’t know Ali, then you may not know that she always thinks big. She has unique ideas and programs that address the needs of students and the community at large.

The Hub at Space of Mind is in a separate building (on the SOM cam-pus) that will be a Community Center hosting different programs for adults and young people.

It has a science lab, engineering workshop, visual arts studio, music production studio and student-run music label. The program will launch this summer, but the fundraiser was a precursor to this desperately needed educational and creative endeavor that meets the current landscape of society.

There were 11 rooms filled with food of every flair and flavor, palm reader Zoe Cardiff, a terrific student band, 29 artists showcasing and selling their artwork, and an upbeat and ethereal vibe that seemed to lift one above the normal to the paranormal.

The reason so many people in the community came together to share resources (and energy) was to complete this very ambitious project. The Hub has a commercial teaching kitchen, writers’ workshop, brain gym, lunchbox and Blackbox Theater.

They are also launching a Parent Educator Resource Center and Culinary Arts Programming through the Community Classroom Project. Programs have just started, with new ones to launch this Fall.

The Pub at the Hub was about being real, having fun, and indulging in culinary greatness with a hint of creative genius. Their mission is an ambitious one that includes programs, community events, culinary classes, and helping people realize that food can be a means to mental and physical health.
“We are so close to being able to launch game-changing programs for the community, and we can’t wait to feed and nourish everyone’s bellies and souls!”
Memories were made – local business leaders and philanthropists came together and supported these positive life altering programs.
The next Pub at the Hub will be on Jan. 21, 2024. See you there! The Hub at Space of Mind, a creative community center is at 101 NW 1st Avenue in Delray.

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