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Reaching Your Real Estate Goals With Ease

Bob Garfield doesn’t see selling real estate as a job, he sees it as a calling. The Miami-born real estate advisor and licensed realtor is passionate about getting to know his clients and making their real estate dreams come true.

“I listen carefully to my clients and determine what their ideal home would be. My goal is providing a stress-free experience during the selling or buying process from start to finish.”

Garfield knows that the sale or purchase of a home is one of the biggest events in someone’s life. He also knows that buyers and sellers need the best advice on how to proceed forward.

“I do all the negotiating for my clients in a real estate transaction. I want to ensure their experience is not only positive but smooth and free of unnecessary tension. I know life can be very stressful, but buying or selling a property shouldn’t be. I make certain my clients are professionally and competently represented from beginning to end.”

Recent client, George Huettel can testify to that. “Bob Garfield is a true real estate professional. He is personable, knowledgeable, patient, caring and understands what is important to the process of successfully selling your home. Bob will take time to help you understand what will work best in the process of preparing your home for market, will help you with any contractor services you may need, and advise you through the entire process.”

Garfield not only wants to understand his clients’ needs, likes and dislikes but also wants to make sure he has a clear understanding of their dreams, goals, and hobbies.

Another way that he helps his clients is by giving them resources to get their property prepared for sale. He knows how vexing it can be to find reliable contractors or repair experts. He shares his list of tried-and-true painters, plumbers, electricians, photographers and other resources with them.

Bob prides himself on understanding his clients and enjoys sharing his passions with them as well. Even though real estate is his full-time career, his creative outlet is music.

He is currently working on a new musical project, Invasion Duo that specializes in early 60’s British tunes. If you go to Happy Hour at Crazy Uncle Mike’s or stop by Tim Finnegans Irish Pub you can enjoy watching this duo perform.

Bob feels Real Estate and music go hand in hand. He sees the challenges of performing onstage akin to what happens in the complexity of a real estate deal. “Things rarely go as planned on stage or in Real Estate sales. It has taught me to think and react clearly under pressure. Whether it’s a broken guitar string or making certain a contract is executed correctly, the same clear thinking under pressure is required.”

Pressure is something that Garfield has seen and is adept at handling. He was a department store executive and national sales manager for several large home textile companies. The wheels of his career changed gears when he entered the real estate industry. He did so with an eye toward property valuation and a desire to help buyers and sellers meet (and exceed) their real estate expectations.
One way he does that is by getting to know his clients, but the pendulum swings both ways. Garfield wants them to know him as well. He sees it as part of the genuine give and take process of being human.

His story goes like this: Garfield was born in Miami and knows the Florida real estate terrain very well. He has lived in Delray Beach for over 17 years and covers Palm Beach and Broward Counties. “I do what it takes to get to the finish line and am always nearby to assist my clients well after the sale is completed.
That’s why another recent client, Bob Cantwell is so smitten with him. “The personalized service by Bob Garfield is unprecedented. I am so happy to be working with someone that has my best interests at heart.”

Another part of Garfield’s success in selling homes is his marketing strategy. He advertises your property, markets it heavily on social media, and takes out large monthly magazine ads that feature your property. In addition, he also mails out monthly deluxe postcards that showcase your home.

With his corporate success as a marketing and sales professional, Garfield understands clients’ needs (and wants) and has compassion for buyers and sellers.
Whether you’re buying or selling a home your success hinges upon the expert advice and services provided by your real estate agent. “I’m committed to providing my clients with professional services based on my experience, knowledge and skills.”

PHONE: 954.829.0001
EMAIL: b.garfield@langrealty.com

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