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Saturday, June 15, 2024

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!!

Let’s get loose with compassion. Let’s drown in the delicious ambiance of Love.

— Hafiz

No, the heat hasn’t made me delirious…but if you have school aged kids at home, you know what I mean. August is Back-to-School!!! Inside this issue you will find updated lunch ideas, some tips on shopping for supplies, and even the Palm Beach County School District new protocols to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Where are my foodies??? Have there been a few restaurants you’ve been meaning to try? Well, you’re in luck! August is Restaurant Month in Delray, and this is the perfect time to try new cuisine, and maybe discover a hid-den gem in our All American City. With almost 30 participating restaurants offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner prix-fixe menus (some even include a cocktail!), you can easily have a meal everyday in a different place – YUM! For more information, check out our regular feature Delray Under $50.

All it takes is one song to bring back 1,000 memories. Thank goodness for the Arts Garage – the music is back!!! Flip on over to Gotta Hear and see what incredible acts will be performing. There is something for everyone – classical, country, even comedy and poetry. And for those of you with hid-den talents ready to shine in the limelight there’s Open Mic Night, but best of all…many of these performances are FREE!

Have you met Shaun Hall? I’m sure many of you have participated in his charity events. He chaired the Relay for Life, Co-Funded the Florida Covid Relief Fund, Co-Created the Support Delray Initiative, and my personal favorite, he created the Slacker by the Sea .5K that supports the HOW (Help Our Wounded) Foundation. This is the perfect “run” for non-runners like me. Halfway through the run there is beer and donuts, and they offer a VIP option called the Ultimate Slack, that
doesn’t require any running whatsoever.

This is the short list of Shaun’s philan-thropy; we are lucky to have this Do-Gooder in our city.

Stay cool during these Dog Days of Summer!

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