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Everyone’s “Go – To” Place For Auto Repair And Painting

Miracles do happen, you just have to look for them. But when it comes to auto repair, it often feels like a Las Vegas poker game. You might win, or you might lose.

But the people who choose Scratch Car all feel like winners.

“Scratch Car did an amazing job on my Lexus. The fend-er was peeled back, and it had been keyed. I heard about SCRATCH CAR from friends, met Fernando and dropped off my car. They had it for 24 hours and did an excellent job at a very good price. I’m so happy I came here! I highly recommend them,” said Sally Engel.

Sally is not exaggerating. The legion of fans who take their cars to Scratch Car (when in need of collision auto repair or painting) continues to expand. Often new clients are shocked at the efficiency and excellent repair work they do at a much lower price than other shops.

Since cars have become more sophisticated and scarce, Scratch Car has become the go-to resource for repair.

A damaged bumper or side panel doesn’t have to ring alarm bells. When a car is picked up at Scratch Car, it’s usually a time for rejoicing. Daniel Cardoso, the estimator at Scratch Car, sees this all the time. “I enjoy providing the best customer service for everyone. It feels good to know I made someone’s life easier. You can see the relief on their faces when they leave.”

Daniel is the son of owner Adrian Cardoso and has worked in his father’s shop since he was eight years old. He went to South Tech Academy and is now the estimator and trainer. At South Tech Daniel studied auto repair and honed his skills in refinishing, trim-hard-ware, maintenance, safety, and environmental concerns.

This multidimensional training has made him even more adept at helping customers. “My goal is to continue giving great customer service and keep things flowing nicely so we can make things easier for our customers. If they’re happy, so are we,” adds Daniel.

You could say that mission is accomplished on a daily basis – Just ask Mark Church.

“I was down because someone hit the left quarter panel and bumper of my brand-new car. Most body shops would have repainted the entire bumper and quarter panel, charged over $2000 and had my car for days. I hated the idea of repainting part of my new car as it would never be the same as factory paint. Scratch Car repaired the dent in my fender/bumper and repainted. You can’t even tell where the paint was blended. They only charged me $800 and gave me my perfectly repaired car back in just 24 hours! The best body shop for repairs I have ever found.”

That is music to owner Adrian’s ears. He worked in his father’s auto repair shop in Brazil, but came to the US and started a mobile car repair – going to people’s houses to fix their cars.

That was almost 27 years ago. Now Scratch Car does all collision repairs and paints on all makes and models of cars. They also take all insurances, and in most scenarios, they will help with your deductible.

“When I first started doing this, I couldn’t believe how expensive it was to repair scratches, scrapes, moldings, mirror covers, fenders, quarter panels etc. That is why I wanted to do repairs at a fair price and get vehicles fixed in a shorter time.”

And don’t worry about sitting on hold when you call. A real person will answer and start the auto repair process for you.

Kudo’s also go to their professional well-respected manager, Fernando Rezende. His kind and professional manner helps customers get excellent service quickly and precisely. He also cares about his customers well-being and gets their cars back in a timely manner.

“Many body shops keep cars for weeks (and even months). But, some of our customers are seniors and they need their cars back quickly, so we try to get them back the same day or the next day,” said Rezende.

This speedy repair work is due to what Cardoso calls their personalized approach. “Our technicians are trained to do everything from start to finish on each car. We don’t have one person bump out dents and another replace the bumper. Our technicians do it all.”

Scratch Car has glowing testimonials, and everyone says the same thing. The cars look like new, the price is reasonable, and they are honest and professional.

They also offer a pick-up and delivery service if needed.

Making auto repair affordable and quick is the goal and raison d’être of its founder.

“We are behind our customers in everything we do. We are honest;

if we say we are going to do something, we do it. Much of our business is word of mouth – we are polite and friendly to our customers.”

1 Linton Blvd, #19 (NW corner of Linton and Dixie)
Delray Beach, Florida 33444
561-278-2866 – Cell: 561-756-0901

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