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The Watch Connoisseur’s

Danny Goldsmith often takes phone calls in the middle of the night. If you’re thinking he’s an insomniac, the answer is no, he is not.

He is however, a rare breed of watch connoisseur and collector who sees the beauty and beneficence of fine watches. He doesn’t just collect them; he reveres them and sees their inherent beauty despite their hard outer shell.

That is one reason he opened his first retail store on Atlantic Avenue. But don’t get stuck on the word retail when near Goldsmith. He would rather people think his store, Goldsmith & Complications, is more a boutique lounge and homage to fine watches made with meticulous craftsmanship and fine patronage.

What a winemaker may feel about a rarefied vintage or a foodie an exotic souffle, Goldsmith feels the same passion about the delicacy and intricacy of watches.

“Watchmaking and watch collecting are a passion for me, it’s not work. I enjoy sharing my knowledge of fine watches, building relationships, and helping people buy a watch that they will love and treasure,” said the New York native.

You could say that watches and watchmaking is what makes Goldsmith tick. But it’s also something that he sees as an art form rather than just something to keep time.
“I love my 37 mm Royal Oak by Audemars Piguet. It has an octagonal case, blue dial and a 50-year heritage. Audemars Piguet is one of the few Swiss watch manufacturers still owned by its founding families.”

To Goldsmith watch history and horology are the summit of his aspirations and appreciation. That is why he opened this new re-tail homage to rare and beautiful watches and jewelry. He also is thrilled to introduce people to watch brands that are made with the same passion that Goldsmith imbibes.

“I want to educate people about watches and introduce them to small independent watch brands. My goal is to make my store a place where people can refine their taste in watches and meet like-minded people in the watch community.”

As a means to this end Goldsmith is planning special events to bring people together, such as watch launch parties, informal educational talks, events, and podcasts. He is also bringing global watch brands not yet sold in the USA.

And, anyone who knows Goldsmith knows his word is his bond. He is somewhat of a living legend in the watch industry, introducing rare and intricate watches with history and significance for clients. Goldsmith has a devoted social media following and is somewhat of a stalwart watch savant.

But no one is a stranger to Goldsmith. His gift of gab and earnest nature make him a superstar to watch collectors and sports figures. He recently teamed up with Chicago Cubs outfielder Ian Happ to create a limited edition Lucite mini-bat. Inside it are free-floating vintage watch pieces and wooden slivers from Happ’s former bats. This museum-quality piece – that celebrates baseball, art, and watchmaking – was sculpted by Berd Vay’e.

Goldsmith has not only sold watches to sports legends, but to musicians, celebrities, and watch connoisseurs around the world. He also sold a limited edition watch by Urwerk (that took 10 years to make) for $2.75 million. But selling watches for Goldsmith is not about money.

“I created this watch boutique lounge so you can buy a $100 watch or a $100,000 watch. I want people to be able to hang out, talk watches and become part of our watch family.”

That’s why Goldsmith created this bastion of comfort and color for those who want to chill out and enjoy the eclectic motion of all that moves in time.

If you think fine watches come from a limited number of be-mouth watch giants, Goldsmith will tell you otherwise. He sells brands such as Cyrus, Angelus, Arnold & Son, Urwerk, Purnell, Oris, and other distinctive timepieces.

Goldsmith realized this passion 15 years ago when he worked for a luxury high-end watch and jewelry retailer in New York. He also travelled the country for a fine watch brand but realized being on the road was not feasible for a family man.

That is exactly why he moved to Delray Beach. For Goldsmith, the love of Delray was spontaneous combustion. “I came to Delray once, and as I was walking out of a restaurant I was wowed by the sparkling trees and the sunset. I instantly fell in love with Delray and realized I wanted to raise my family here.”

He also realized that Delray could (and should be) an epicenter for fine watches and historical horological heritage. For Goldsmith, a watch is like a person, it has roots, history and a great story that contributed to the magnificence of its being.

“I want to educate people about watches. I also want to put Del-ray on the map as a worldwide destination for watch lovers just like Zurich or New York. I am bringing in three new global watch brands that have never been in the US before.

411 E. Atlantic Ave – Suite 200W
Delray Beach


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