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The Crème De La Crème of Home Builders

You know when you’ve seen a home built by Marc Julien. His homes are a mix of fantasy, luxury and magnificence all rolled into one.

Julien describes his home-building prowess like this: “My houses overall are a mix of two things together – timely and timeless. This is what represents what people want in a home in today’s market.” Julien is not in it to win it; he already is one of the leading builders in new residential construction in this area. His homes are beautifully designed to allow the owner to roam and rest in the house of their dreams. “Everything is perfect and the construction is beautifully crafted,” said one client. “I would call Marc Julien again if I ever want to have another house built. This one is perfect.”

Perfection is a key word when it comes to the Marc Julien style of construction. He just built six homes on Pineapple Road off Swin-ton and there are only two available. They range in price from $3.5 million to $4.2 million and incorporate the most sought after de-tails that make a house a home.

“We have taken the latest wants and needs from clients’ dream homes and incorporated them into our houses.

They have large open floor plans, pocketing sliding doors, large outdoor living spaces with covered lanais, lots of glass and natural sunlight,” said Julien, who has been building homes for over 18 years in South Florida.

The reason that Marc Julien Homes are so sought after is because they are custom designed to meet and exceed clients’ needs and wants. It is not one-size-fits-all. Instead, each house represents the lifestyle and design style of what the owner wants. That may cover a broad spectrum, but it is narrowed down to perfection when Julien creates a home for a client.

“When building a house we make sure to represent the homeowner’s lifestyle needs and what they want in their house. The beauty of building a home from the ground up – instead of buying someone else’s interpretation of their needs – is that you get what you want in all areas of the home.”

Julien knows that everyone has their own unique taste level and different likes and dislikes. That is why he is spends time finding out exactly what the client wants before starting to build their dream home.

That means constructing a home with an outdoor area that might be as important to the homeowner as the indoor space. “Outdoor living is what draws people from up north to South Florida. They want to sit outside on the patio in January and enjoy the sun. They might be swimmers and want a large swimming pool with a specific design in mind.”

Things that Julien knows from his extensive career building homes is that people today want a nice sun shelf (for shallow water) so they can sunbathe or sit in a lounge chair in the water. Adults can stay cool and enjoy the sun, or they can invite guests over and socialize in the pool.

There are times when a client is looking for a home and can’t find what they want. Then Julien steps into the picture and helps them find the property. “We buy lots on the Intracoastal (and other locations) and design and build the perfect house that fits their needs and wants. We also help them in every phase of the building process, from start to finish.”

The two luxury homes available on Pineapple Road are contemporary in style and are available in a 3,400-square-foot home or one that is 3,900-square-foot.

These homes are a collaboration with award-winning architect Alejandro Borrero and have seamless indoor-outdoor living. The homes are also luxurious, thoughtful and elegant. The exceptional craftsmanship and architectural beauty are what the name Marc Julien has always been about.

Each home is filled with features that homeowners want and are a testament (and commitment) to perfection. The homes function well for different lifestyles whether it be casual, formal or entertaining.

Marc Julien homes can be completely designed and decorated from inside to out and beyond. That keeps life easy for the buyer who would like to move into a beautiful home with just a toothbrush.

“Our goal is to make the process as easy as possible. We build all over Palm Beach County, from Boca Raton to Ocean Ridge, Jupiter, Palm Beach and West Palm Beach.” says Julien.
When Julien first started building homes people took note. The more they sold, the more word got out that the name Marc Julien meant beauty and quality home building. “The more houses we built the more our reputation grew and the company evolved.”

By working with Marc Julien Homes, you benefit from their creativity, drawings, value engineering, quality workmanship, sustained manpower and on-time construction schedule.
Their clients agree. “We built our dream home with Marc Julien Homes in Delray Beach. From beginning to end, the staff and team that they put together, were professional, responsive and creative. We highly recommend them.”

The reason clients are so happy is because Marc Julien custom homes offer the very best of South Florida living. That includes a connection to the water, flowing spacious layouts, and a perfect balance between nature and culture.

“This ensures that we can provide a home that seamlessly integrates our clients’ lives. Our commitment to perfection is always front and center. Our homes are built to the highest of standards.”

Clients like Alex agree. “Marc and his team delivered a beautiful high-quality product on time within the budget with first-class customer service. It’s been an absolute pleasure.”

755 NW 17th Avenue – Suite 107, Delray Beach, FL 33445

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