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Are you looking for excitement and mind-altering colors to fit your fashion vision? Or do you need a gift that will thrill your friends or dinner party host?

Look no more. A Little Wyld, a Pineapple Grove boutique, is here to rescue you from the boredom of shopping and schlepping.

The boutique owners (Amanda Perna and Skye Dyer) have a sense of style and a whimsical understanding of material matter. They are both mothers, hence the reason they know what children need (and like). They both also love creating a happy environment where you can surround yourself with wonderful things for the home, the closet or the road.

This upbeat boutique is part curio shop and part clothing store. The labels are unique to the area, and the styling, texture and colors will thrill you and your little ones.

Their mission is to make the shopping experience a real experience. Just walking around the shop will perk up your endorphins (it’s more fun than the gym) and get your creative juices flowing.

Both Amanda and Skye know that finding fashionable, yet suitable boys clothing is not easy. That is why they have imported new designer labels for boys that answer the question: “Where can I find boys clothing that doesn’t all look the same?”

The shirts, shorts and pants for boys come in all colors, prints and sizes ranging from 0 to 12 years old. They also let little boys share in the whimsical side of fashion they see on their sports and screen heroes.

The craft area for girls and boys is resplendent with mind-enhancing craft kits and toys that include the Kidzlabs Bubble Science kit, Hybrid Crabot (that works with solar power) Scratch and Scribble mini kit and a Dinosaur Craft Kit. These craft items are perfect to keep your children’s creativity and intelligence flowing. “Our craft sets are an excellent way for your child to learn and develop dexterity,” said Skye.

The girls’ clothing, handbags and hair accessories are a dreamscape from heaven. Colors abound with decoration and frills, sequins, and pearls. The girls’ accessories are so exciting it almost makes you want to be a kid again (minus the homework).

There are Chanel-inspired handbags, daisy-shaped sunglasses, a tooth-fairy pouch, bedazzled sandals and more. For those who love hair accessories (and who don’t), there are assorted headbands with bows, animal-shaped barrettes and other spicy creative items.

Fashion goes a long way for little girls who want to look like fashion models. A flutter sleeve T-shirt says “BDAY GIRL” in colorful sequins and the child’s age is on the back. There are silver lamé motorcycle jackets and hot pink tulle-tiered skirts with matching tops. Sequin dresses come in rainbow colors and knits abound in solids and stripes.

A visit to A Little Wyld is like traveling to a wishful wonderland. For women, they have knit dresses and sweaters in colorful patterns as dresses with sequins, feathers, and organza. The entire collection is a blend of fantasy and fashion for any occasion.

Designer Amanda Perna has a storied past that includes Project Runway and other design and artistic accomplishments.

Both Amanda and Skye want to make shopping fun and easy. They know that life can be a bit overwhelming at times, and that having a family comes with a long to-do list.
“We will send you photos of great gift items (or fashion finds) and have them wrapped and ready for you to pick up curbside. They can also be gift wrapped (at no charge) and mailed.”

Amanda and Skye make everything a little bolder to create a bit of fun and happiness. Their customer service is excellent with friendly folks just waiting to help you. Unlike the retail terrain today, A Little Wyld adds kindness and community to the mix.

Outside the shop is a half-price sale rack filled with fun fashion items for adults and children. Many pieces outside are hot off the design rack but are in fewer in number.
A Little Wyld also likes to show off new talent in many forms. They seek out new designer labels and adventures. Last month a terrific children’s book author and artist, Ursula Schwartz signed copies of her book, “Wear Your Crown.” The book had inspirational sayings with sweet ethereal paintings.

They also have novelty adult gift items like Mindful note cards, Success Oracles (with life and business tips), a grandchild Pen Pal Kit, decorative soulful mugs, match sets, and more.
A little Wyld has brought such joy to customers that they are now mentioned in Mommy Blogs and have an increasingly large following. “We have repeat customers and people from out of town now shop on our online store and tell their friends about us.”

There’s a good reason that everyone is overjoyed that A Little Wyld has brightened up Pineapple Grove. Their merchandise is thoughtful, upbeat, savvy and beautifully curated. Like a museum for the body and soul this shop is a must-see. You will be so happy you came!

157 NE 2nd Ave Delray Beach, FL

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