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Quantum Care for Optimal Health

Have you been to the doctor with a specific complaint only to leave without an answer or solution to your problem?

Dr. Musselman knows about this scenario all too well. That is why she examines your bloodwork through functional meth-ods that lead to appropriate answers for your medical issues.

She has a Master Certification in Blood Chemistry Analysis that is the centerpiece of her ability to heal people.

“We don’t just wake up one day in a state of disease with chronic aches and pains. The western medicine model of diagnosis and treatment never made sense to me. The answers to health problems are often apparent to me before traditional medical doctors diagnose a problem and then prescribe a pharmaceutical.”

According to Dr. Musselman, bloodwork is the library of the body and the answers are found in the blood analysis.

She was trained by top Naturopathic Physician Dr. Dicken Weath-erby. He has authored six books in the field of Functional Diagnos-tics and lectured to thousands of doctors about analyzing blood test results from a functional, nutritional, and preventative perspective.

Dr. Musselman is certified in functional blood chemistry analysis and holds a Master’s Degree in Nutrition. This allows her to take an in-depth look at your individual needs and give personalized protocols specific to get you feeling healthy and vibrant.

“I can see things that other doctors don’t look for and it all starts with a comprehensive bloodwork analysis. My background and training are what sets me apart from traditional medical health professionals.”
Dr. Musselman saw the importance of in-depth blood testing and functional medicine’s importance early on in life.

“My mother Betsy ran the cardiac center at Stanford and I lost her to heart disease. I truly believe I could have helped her live a longer better life If I knew what to look for.”

Dr. Musselman received her Ph.D. and Doctorate in Natural Medicine. Her research focused on increasing optimal biomarkers with quantum protocols. The result of this training has helped her increase her patients’ quality of life and improved their overall health. It also propelled the creation of the Quantum Care Program.

“I was able to increase sex hormones (DHEA in females and Testosterone in men) along with significantly increasing each person’s overall well-being. I wanted to prove that it wasn’t nutrition alone that influenced bloodwork, but a mind/body connection”
Her clients are the best judge of the results of this research.

“Thanks to the Quantum Care program, I lost 35 pounds and I feel like a million bucks! Dr. Musselman’s recommendations were easy, and I have never felt better!”
Dr. Musselman is adamant that blood work if assessed through the lens of functional medicine, holds answers to health problems and concerns.

She sees patterns in a person’s body chemistry that may give answers to many disorders in the body. “I find it is very important to catch things before they become chronic health problems. My specialty is prevention and early detection of chronic health issues through a comprehensive assessment of bloodwork. My practice is predicated on what I call “The Quantum Care Program.”

The program can be done by a telehealth consult, in her office, or home concierge service. The premium Home Concierge Service includes a phlebotomist to draw your blood sample safely and privately. You can also visit one of her three holistic retreat sites.

Her newest Delray location is a rejuvenating health oasis. The facility has a spa room with an infrared sauna, a salt wall for halotherapy, color-changing chakra chroma-therapy light, and a meditation area. The bathroom and kitchen have voice-activated LED lighting to balance and harmonize your chakras.

You can order organic local produce and the best services Delray has to offer, right from the touch screen fridge. Dr. Mus-selman can customize your stay for a personalized holistic experience that is truly above and beyond.

The retreat site can also be rented without treatment – and is a health-infused paradise inside and out. The property is designed for optimal wellness and relaxation.
You don’t have to convince her clients of that.

“The Quantum Cure Protocol changed my life. I sleep soundly through the night and have the best physical energy I’ve had in years. I am joyful and am calm. My chronic muscle aches and headaches have disappeared, and I feel younger, stronger, healthier physically and emotionally.”

There are more glowing testimonials on her website. It is those testimonials and positive outcomes that motivate Dr. Musselman to work hard to help people achieve optimal health and wellness.

Her Quantum Care Protocols are non-synthetic, non-toxic, and safe. They include supplements and products that are specifically ordered and shipped to you because of what your bloodwork determines.

“Conventional medicine treats the symptoms with synthetics. I find the imbalances and address the root of the issue with organic cellular formulations and non-invasive techniques. It’s not about quick fixes and synthetic drugs. Education and personal accountability are paramount with my programs.”

Dr. Musselman’s goal is to help everyone who crosses her path. Her healing methods are proven, and her critical eye for preventing disease has helped so many.

“My programs give people practical, actionable guidance so they can feel great, take care of their bodies, and enjoy the process.”

Dr. Stacy Musselman
Call 786-260-2655 for an appointment www.yourquantumcare.com

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