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Health Comes with Mental, Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Balance

Are you one of the people that lights up a room when you walk in? It’s like a wonderful energy that everyone feels. We all have this ability inside of us. It is your place of joy, your true contentment with who you are, grounded in what you offer to the world.

Sometimes you need an experience that takes you out of your norm and into yourself.

Thermae Retreat in Delray Beach offers just that, a quiet place where you feel right at home with a retreat experience for the whole body. Your transformation begins in their barrel-style Finnish sauna and ends in the Infrared Saunas, where the chromo-therapy deepens your detox and provides cellular-level benefits to your skin, muscles, joints, and organs. Cooling showers are located outside in the garden by the meditation swing and a cold bucket pour is being added for contrast therapy to boost the immune system and help relieve physical pain in the body.

Everything Thermae offers is purposeful and one of those experiences is massage therapy. The tremendous benefits include releasing tension and toxins, helping to move systems in the body, and chatter out of the mind. Some of the massage offerings are traditional Swedish, deep tissue, or hot salt rock massage. Master therapist Brooke Renick specializes in cupping therapy and lymphatic draining treatments, while Thermae partner Shaman Debra Kelly combines energy healing and sound bath in her massage ‘Sacred Bodywork’ that assists in releasing toxic energies such as anger or guilt. Esthetician Leah offers energy facials using light therapy, crystals, and ayurvedic traditions in her treatments.

“I want people to start looking at massage and skincare in a different way. When you take the time for yourself you should be taking the time for the whole body, not just the physical, but the mental, the emotional, and the spiritual. Massage and skincare should be an experience, a renewing, healing, instead of just something you do for yourself a few times a year,” said Kelly Doyle, owner of

Thermae Retreat. “It’s a pretty normal occurrence for someone to come out of a room after treatment and begin to cry on my shoulder. They simply let whatever comes up, go.”

Stepping further into the emotional and spiritual retreat, therapist Kelly Grace brings beautiful intentions and healing into your treatment. Shaman Debra Kelly also hosts half-day shamanic healing sessions, private and group sound baths and Thai foot reflexology. Also offered is a heart-opening Geranium and Cedar Chakra scrub and a powerful detoxifying scrub and clay with zeolite, charcoal, and bentonite. Stepping into the newest in medicinal technology, master therapist Lisa Hoffman uses frequency in a whole different way, with scalar and low-level lasers. One of her massage treatments focused on pain and muscle stiffness combines mas-sage, scalar waves, and other technology to release, bring blood into tissue, and help heal chronic issues.

Practitioner Deborah Picou offers QHHT sessions, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, which takes you back to past lives to find anything that is affecting you in a negative way in this life, and she is currently working on her Doctorate and Ph.D. in Natural Medicine. While Sophie Soudai, known as one of the Wise Women, guides you through a Family Constellations session, taking you back generations to find disconnections or unwanted connections that no longer serve you today.

The Delray Beach location has also expanded its space and merged gardens with Anuttara Yoga. This new community, in your community, contributes to the Thermae Retreat experience that is unlike any other. You can come for an hour or an afternoon simply to relax and detox in the saunas.

Thermae and Anuttara hosted their first corporate convention. Instead of ballrooms and heavy food and drink, the guests started with a Kundalini yoga session before their first meeting followed by saunas, sound baths, and 30-minute massages, time in the meditation space, then a break-out with juices and smoothies from café Joyfull in the garden.

“Thermae Retreat is like a second home for people to stop in or stay and find stillness. We watch someone through the window outside on a call come in, body tense, suddenly stop and take a breath. They walk out of a treatment room, eyes glazed, and glide down the hall to a hot sauna and a cool shower. As they leave, they are thinking more clearly, they are centered and present,” said Kelly. “Many members are now off their arthritis medications from using the saunas, and others are here to detox their body and strengthen immunity.” The walls are infused with selenite crystal which cleans the energy of everyone who walks in the door.

Thermae Retreat has continued to grow into its evolutionary objective: To help others awaken and find their true path, and to give those whose path is to assist in these journeys a place to do their work. “We believe and trust that this personal alchemy is available to everyone. It doesn’t have to be exclusive, expensive, or inaccessible. Vitality and good health are everyone’s birthright.”

Far beyond a typical day spa, Thermae Retreat Delray and Fort Lauderdale provide an inclusionary space, supported by our kind-hearted team members, where you can customize your experience to best nourish every part of your being. All treatments and services are uniquely designed to prepare and open you to the deepest possible healing. You will leave from your experience changed from the inside out, carrying that upliftment into your everyday life and relationships. “It is our pleasure.”
Call this month to receive a day sauna retreat pass for $35. Thermae Retreat also offers monthly memberships, customized packages, and a space to gather for work or for celebration.

THERMAE RETREAT 215 NE 22nd Street Delray Beach, FL 33444

561-332-5883 thermaeretreatdelray@gmail.com www.thermaeretreat.com/delraybeach

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