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A Healing Space of Wonderment and Bliss

Stacy Norman values peace and harmony. You can feel it in her presence and in her Delray day spa that is an oasis of calm and serenity.

Stacy is no novice in this burgeoning industry of health and healing by way of massage, facials, Reiki, meditation classes and other treatments.

She has been in the spa industry for over 16 years and has a motive and motivation to make her guests feel a sense of euphoria and happiness.

“I love to make people feel good. I also love to make people smile and see them uplifted with positive energy,” said the dedicated es-thetician and massage therapist.

Though massage and facials are the mainstay of most day spas, Peaceful Body Spa has an ethereal quest for perfection. They spe-cialize in Ultra Hydrating Calming Facials, as well as Oxygen Facials, Anti-Aging Facials, Microneedling, acne solution facials, custom fa-cial treatments and more.

They have so many stars in their reviews you would think that Peaceful Day Spa was a constellation. “This was the best massage I’ve ever had. It was a perfect combination of relaxation, stress re-lief, and deep tissue – exactly what I needed. This place is amazing, you can tell it’s designed with healing and customer care at the forefront. 5 stars all around!” said Melissa.

Melissa is right. Stacy’s deepest intention is to create a haven of health, healing and upliftment for clients. As one of seven children growing up, Stacy has a sense of kindness and directness in all of her actions.

“I have a sister with severe cerebral palsy and growing up I watched her with physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists. I saw her thrive by the work of their hands. That’s why I wanted to work with people to make them feel better both emotionally and physically with healing techniques.”

That is exactly what Stacy has done. The spa is located in a his-toric Delray enclave that elevates ones’ overall sense of well-being. Their code of conduct begins with love and ends with care and kindness. Combine that with the expertise and dedication of their staff, and you have clients smitten with their stellar experience.

“The serene ambiance and skilled therapists made me feel com-pletely at ease. I left feeling refreshed and renewed and can’t wait to return. I highly recommend them for anyone in need of self-care and tranquillity!” said Alana.

Reviews like Alana’s are what Stacy strives for on a daily basis. “For each client we do a customized service based upon their needs, whether it’s an emotional, energetic or a physical need.”

They also work with different body types, varying age groups and different abilities (or disabilities) to help people feel better and lighter. They customize each service for the persons’ needs and communicate with them for the best outcome.

“We want you to come here and enjoy your service and feel that warm, fuzzy happy feeling.”

This intention is indeed one of the hallmarks of their excellence. Keri will attest to that.
“Best Ever! I have had the pleasure of experiencing multiple styles of massage and facials! I loved every one! My facial made me look years younger and reduced lines and wrinkles and my massage with Marie was very relaxing. The space is clean, sweet and very relaxing. Staff are top notch! Look no more, this is THE BEST PLACE!”

In order to be the best in class, Stacy is constantly adding new classes and treatments. When she sets her mind on something she does it with passion and purpose. That’s why she recently spent a month in Thailand learning all facets of Thai massage.

If you’re not familiar with this yoga inspired massage, it combines compression with stretching and can also help with posture. “You get a physical massage and an energetic realignment. Thai massage is what we call the lazy person’s yoga. You get the benefits of taking a yoga class without having to lift a finger.”

Their licensed staff are also experts at deep tissue massage treat-ments, Swedish massage, Thai massage, hot stone, lymphatic mas-sage and more.

Peaceful Body Spa also has blissful Reiki classes, one-on-one private Reiki sessions and guided meditation weekly. Maria, a Reiki Master of prominence, brings the soothing symmetry of life to each student. The process opens the chakras and allows one to delve into a place of peace, joy and serenity.

Like mediation it promotes peace and happiness,” adds Maria.

If you are celebrating a special occasion – like a birthday or an-niversary – they have couples’ massages and facials.

They also offer pregnancy massages for expectant mothers. This customized massage helps calm sore muscles and promotes circu-lation. It also eliminates pregnancy discomfort and guides the ex-pectant mom to serenity.

They also create at-home skin care routines for clients with spe-cial products to help you keep your skin beautiful and supple at home.

“Our mission is to create customized, therapeutic, treatments in a deeply relaxing environment. This is a serene oasis where you will find peace and harmony. Come get peaceful with us.”

205 N. 5th Terrace Delray Beach, FL

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