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Roberta Lucas Continues To Grow Business

Realtor Roberta Lucas and her team at SoFlo Home Realty continue to expand their real estate business in Delray Beach.

SoFlo Home Realty now has 20 professional real estate agents working at the company and they continue to build new construction in Delray Beach.

Roberta Lucas started her real estate career in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 2001 by acquiring her first investment property. In 2003, she purchased 2 triplexes and was then managing 7 tenants. Roberta was only 21 years old when she decided to invest the little money she had in buying an investment condo. She would like to share her experiences with all the young people who are starting their lives and the not-so-young people who would like to follow in her footsteps on how to invest in real estate.

How can a 21-year-old woman buy a property when she doesn’t come from a wealthy background? “Well, I came across some angels at an early age who helped me obtain financing and buy properties, and they taught me how to fix my credit and strategize the best way to write offers. The importance of having an experienced team on your side is the key to success. However, what’s even more important to succeed in life is how much you learn from all of these professionals.”

\After 4 years she purchased her first investment property. Roberta then decided to become a licensed real estate agent and learned how to find the best deals and started flipping homes at the age of 25. “I believe that all realtors should own their portfolio of investment properties. After all, we are in the field, we find the best deals, it’s one of the best retirement plans a person could have, why not?”

A few tips Roberta Lucas gives to anyone who’s thinking of buying a property soon is to hire a professional to fix your credit. Pay off your credit card debt, and do not open new credit lines or purchase a new car if you have already done so in the past two years.

“A good investment is made when you buy a property for the right price. Buyers have a tendency to walk away from homes that have been sitting on the market for a long time. I encourage buyers to present a lower offer and ask for help from the seller. Ask the seller to pay for the buyer’s closing costs. Times have changed, we are not in a seller’s market anymore and this gives buyers the ability to be more creative when they present an offer.

How about the interest rates? Well, if you can find a great deal right now and you have to pay a little extra each month, that is better than having to buy that property for a couple hundred thousand more in the future. Remember, when interest rates drop the housing market goes up in value again, and you might never be able to buy that same property you looked at a few years ago. Buy it now if you can afford the payments, and refinance when the interest rates drop.”

“I mostly sell luxury real estate properties but when I come across someone in need of help with a rental or the sale of a distressed property, I will work for free. I love helping people.”

How’s the Delray Beach housing market today? “Slow! We’re back to normal times with a huge increase in prices. Summers have always been slow in Palm Beach, then after Thanksgiving sales pick up again and it slows down in May until the end of summer. It’s our normal cycle. New and pre-construction sales haven’t dropped much, there is always a demand for new construction homes and most of these buyers are cash. We also might have another wave of COVID-infected people, and I predict more Northerners moving down to South Flori-da this winter, heating up our sales again very soon.”

SoFlo Home Realty is proudly presenting their latest project which consists of 30 new luxury townhomes on 301-321 NE 2nd Ave, a block away from The Ray Hotel. They plan on breaking ground in the next few months. For more information, call their office.

For their Lake Avenue new construction homes, they have sold 12 out of 15 homes being built. These homes are located near to where Tiger Woods is building a mini golf course and the chocolate factory. The new homeowners have been incredibly satisfied with their new homes on Lake Avenue, and the next one available in December for purchase is 714 S. Lake Ave. Delray Beach, FL 33483.

SoFlo Home Realty, Corp.
4 SE 6th Ave
Delray Beach, FL 33483

(561) 465-4509

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