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Meet The Eco-Luxury Builder Everyone’s Talking About

As the founder of Bella Homes, Stephen Petrucci knows a thing or two about building homes of impeccable quality. He entered the world of real estate right out of college, starting on the financial side and gradually moving on to build custom homes.

I’m fortunate to have a lot of years of experience. I started young, right out of college, in the real estate industry – really getting to understand the client and what they really want”

Bella Homes was founded in 2014, beginning with mid-range properties and quickly taking it to the next level with high-end, luxury homes. Now for nearly a decade, Bella Homes have been building state-of-the-art properties with a progressive focus on eco-luxury initiatives, positively impacting the lives of hundreds of families. Stephen takes a personal approach to home building, as he’s on-site every day ensuring each detail is held to his high standards.

“Every Bella Home is completely unique. I like to be personal, on top of the jobs, and the client really respects that – especially when they see that the actual builder is on a jobsite every day.”

Bella Homes’ incredible attention to detail and commitment to client satisfaction is simply unmatched. Every Bella Home features natural materials of the highest quality, incorporates the latest smart home technology, and is certified green by the Florida Green Building Coalition. With eco-friendly features like high SEER A/C, spray foam insulation, and LED lighting, Bella Homes minimize their homeowner’s impact on the environment. They also incorporate Solaris Whole House Air Purifiers that remove bacteria, viruses, mold, and other airborne particles to ensure their homeowners are breathing clean, safe air.

“My team puts their heart and soul into every home we build. Every detail is looked at, and everything is fine-tuned to make sure we provide the best product on the market.”

Now anyone can have their very own custom Bella Home, as Stephen recently launched a Custom Builds division. Whether you have a floor plan already prepared or are still in the daydreaming stage, Bella Homes will work with you to build the home of your dreams from the ground-up.

“We promise to deliver exceptional build quality and the highest level of service. Our ultimate goal is to ensure our client ends up with the home of their dreams.”

To work with Bella Homes and build your beautiful, eco-friendly luxury home fit for your lifestyle, call 561-510-6000 to get started or learn more at www.bellahomes.us!

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