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A Dynamic Duo in the Real Estate World

In the bustling realm of real estate, where every transaction tells a unique story, Team Brewer stands out as a dynamic duo making waves in the real estate industry.

The Team consists of John Brewer, whose focus is on commercial and restaurant brokering, and his wife Diane. This power couple brings a wealth of experience and a personal touch to their clients’ journeys.

John Brewer, a former restaurant and nightclub manager, bar-tender and server, found his passion for real estate after navigating the vibrant scenes of LA, Las Vegas, and New York City.

His diverse background in hospitality has equipped him with valuable insights, making him a go-to expert for commercial and restaurant transactions. From navigating leases to brokering asset sales, John has become a trusted name in the industry.

Diane Brewer, on the other hand, brings a unique perspective to residential real estate. With a career that spans over 30 years as a public school teacher, Diane transitioned seamlessly into the world of property sales.


Her dedication and commitment shine through, evidenced by several million-dollar-plus sales achieved in her relatively short tenure in real estate.

The story of Team Brewer isn’t just about professional success; it’s a narrative of love, shared dreams, and serendipity. John and Di-ane’s paths initially crossed in the 1980s in Delray Beach. Fate led them on separate journeys, with Diane residing in Hawaii and John pursuing a theater career in LA and New York City.

Their paths converged once again in 2011, marking the beginning of a new chapter. Despite the geographical distance and diverse experiences, love triumphed and the two found themselves back where it all began—Delray Beach.

Today, they share a life enriched by their experiences and a shared commitment to their community. This love for Delray Beach is evident in their shared interests—surfing, fishing, and exploring the local gems, including the vibrant restaurant scene.


The couple’s commitment to their community extends beyond real estate. For over a decade, they have been actively involved with The Miracle League of Palm Beach, serving as coaches and making a positive impact on the lives of others. John has served on two local city boards: Site Plan Review and Appearance Board and the Historic Preservation Board.

One remarkable initiative that catapulted John into the local spotlight was the creation of The Socially Distanced Supper Club.

This venture was in response to the challenges of the pandemic faced by local restaurants. John and Iain Paterson established a platform to support these businesses. Diane played a crucial role, dedicating her time to volunteer efforts. The Supper Club quickly gained popularity, earning John an interview on The Today Show Weekend edition with Kerry Sanders.

John’s ability to navigate both residential and commercial real estate transactions, coupled with Diane’s unwavering dedication, has made Team Brewer a force to be reckoned with.
Their success isn’t just measured in sales but in the relationships they build, the communities they impact, and the positive changes they bring.

As they continue to leave their mark on the real estate landscape, Team Brewer exemplifies the essence of a successful partnership—blending their individual strengths to create a harmonious whole.

With a son, Kai, at the center of their world, the Brewers look forward to the future with excitement, knowing that their journey is one defined by passion, purpose, and a commitment to excellence in all they do.

The William Raveis Real Estate Brokerage
John Brewer: 561.573.7333

Diane Brewer: 561.715.0513

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