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The Key to Success


Local Realtor Roberta Lucas can’t stop counting her blessings.

As we enter the third quarter in 2021, this has become the second most successful year of her real estate career with approximately $13 million dollars in sales.

“Thriving in everything I do is the only option and sometimes the pressure I put on myself can take a toll on me. It’s no secret how too much work can tear someone’s health apart and for me the key to survival is to have a balanced life,” said Roberta.
Roberta Lucas of SoFlo Home Realty, who specializes in the South Florida real estate market, has expanded and opened a second of-fice in Delray Beach and has welcomed some very talented new agents. The second office location is 4 SE 6th Ave., Delray Beach, FL 33483. The aim with this addition is to establish SOFLO Home Realty as a Premier Luxury Estate Brokerage in the South Florida region. There are also pre-construction homes for sale by Roberta Lucas located at: 718 S Lake Ave., Delray Beach, FL 33483. The new homes are built by her business partner and husband George Lucas of Tropical Custom Builders.

“We believe that this beautiful office space shared by a team of considerate and courteous agents and staff in conjunction with our beautiful new developments, is a step towards realizing that vision. I like to treat all the agents that work with me as a family member, and I include them in the growth of the business of SoFlo Home Realty,” continued Roberta.

“We are busier than ever with walk-ins and non-stop phone calls. I sold out the six new construction homes in Delray Beach for Phase 1 of my project, and now I’m looking forward to having the next five pre-construction homes sold very soon with three already under contract all starting at $2,100,000 million dollars. Housing prices are up 30% and with interest rates stabled, I do not foresee any hiccup in the near future,” said Roberta. “Who would’ve imagined that in the midst of a pandemic we would have a boom in real estate and in the economy. As an investor, I recommend homeowners to sell their homes and live in a rental. It’s time to liquidate your as-sets! Yes, we still find good deals out there and yes, the prices are still climbing, but if we watch the history of real estate, we are due for an adjustment in the next few years.”

With real estate comes a passion for cars. Roberta was born into a family of race car and motorcycle drivers. “Then, I met my husband whose passion for racing was greater than mine and now our kids are following our footsteps with their interest in racing. Having the cars of our dreams became a reality thanks to real estate. A home cannot be stolen from you and if you purchase for the right dollar amount, it can be one of your safest and greatest investments.”

In the end, a balanced and healthy life is far from acquiring cars and homes. Roberta truly believes that if you do something you love without thinking of monetary compensation you will be rewarded regardless.

“Spiritualism is my trade and the way we receive back things is how we offer them. I believe in the power of giving and the power of our minds, thus as age approaches along with wealth and every day’s growth and stress, seeking mental health to me was found in tennis. I joined the Newport Bay Club division after only 4 months of practice. I found something to release all my stress and I’ve never thought I would be in the shape I am today. Thanks to a healthy diet, exercise and meditation I can be a successful Realtor in the state of Florida,” added Roberta.

Roberta’s clients praise her for putting their best interest first. “I have known Roberta Lucas for more than 5 years and had worked with her to buy, sell, and rent multiple properties. She is amazing at her job and works tirelessly to make her clients happy. If you want to buy your dream house, then she’s the best realtor out there. She had shown me countless properties when I was searching for my dream house. She’s extremely well versed in real estate and she has the knowledge of a general contractor, both of which come in very handy. She will not steer you wrong, and always has her clients’ best interests at heart. I would highly recommend her!” stated a client.

“Roberta is amazing in what she does! She made my experience in selling my condo and buying my dream home as sweet and easy as I could have asked for. Her sense of responsibility and perfectionism in having all the details squared off, as well as her knowledge of the mar-ket, guided me so well throughout the entire process that before I blink-ed my eyes, I was moving to my dream home,” stated another client.

“Roberta is very prompt in her attention and responses. Once we contacted her, she responded immediately with an impressive list-ing of homes. She is still staying connected with us throughout our search for a home,” said another client.
Contact Roberta Lucas and SoFlo Home Realty for all your real estate needs!

ROBERTA LUCAS, PA. SoFlo Home Realty, Corp. 4 SE 6th Ave.
Delray Beach, FL 33483

rlucas@soflohome.com www.soflohome.com

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