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A Healthy Balanced Life Can Be Yours – Meet Doctor Tony Willcox

Let’s face it, life today can be stressful. Even the most ardent followers of health protocols and a healthy lifestyle might find themselves out of balance.

To some this is new, to others it might be an ongoing battle with gravity, age, or chronic medical conditions. To quell the battle within their bodies people often turn to medication and surgery.

That is where Dr. Tony Willcox’s protocols differ from traditional Western medicine. “Healing with alternative methods has been very helpful with my clients,” said Dr. Tony, who has a Double Doctorate in Acupuncture, a Clinical Doctorate in the US, and a Ph.D. in Acupuncture from China.

Dr. Tony has treated people with medical issues ranging from insomnia to digestive complaints, depression, anxiety, back, neck and knee pain, infertility, and other ailments. He has been the Official Acupuncture Doctor for the NHL Florida Panthers (for seven years) and a UFC Fight Team Official Acupuncture Doctor for five years.
But Dr. Tony does not measure health in numerical sequence, he goes deeper into healing patients by way of numerous paths. “We have to go deeper within and look at our own effects of stress and get more connected to our internal ‘space of peace’ which resides in us all.”

Dr. Tony has not only had a clinical acupuncture practice for the past 17 years, but he has helped many people using traditional Chinese Medicine. “This Eastern medicine model has served a valuable role helping people with various issues find balance; simple and complex,” adds Dr. Tony.

One of the treatments within this realm is Energy Medicine. Since the body is an energy field, there are many ways to influence the energy within. Dr. Tony understands this elusive, yet pertinent part of healing, and has tools that for centuries have been used to clear, balance, and harmonize energy in the body. The results are astounding and powerful.

“This was the most profound healing I have ever experienced. I was almost in disbelief as I felt things moving shifting and healing. Within minutes of meeting me, Dr. Tony understood the root cause of my symptoms and nipped them in the bud,” said Elizabeth from the Documentary Heal.

It’s clear when meeting Dr. Tony that he is undoubtedly a man on a mission to heal. You can feel it when visiting his serene healing sanctuary on Atlantic Avenue, and after speaking to him it’s as if your molecules have been rearranged neatly where they should be.

“Many of us have had an understanding that something feels off, or the energy of our body doesn’t feel right. At Acupuncture Zen you find yourself in the vortex of the healing realm with the perfect blend of treatment just for you.”

The treatments range from Acupuncture to Herbal Medicine, Professional Physician CBD cream or sublingual’s, K Laser therapy, Crystal Light Chakra Treatment, or hands-on healing.

There is one thing that Dr. Tony makes very clear – you must be open to becoming healthy. “The key is to let go of old ideas or opinions and be open-minded about treatment” says Dr. Tony. Trust and let him guide you through the healing process.
Acupuncture is a proven solution for better health. “Many patients are blinded by the idea that acupuncture is painful and ‘needles.’ But they are so tiny, and the techniques I use are so profound, that I call them tuning forks or healing sticks. Why be afraid of something so instrumental to your healing?”

“Some patients don’t like certain sensations, so the technique and type of “tuning forks” are adjusted for each patient. These healing sticks are attuning and changing your vibrational field of energy.”

This field of energy does change how you feel, just ask Jody. “I saw Dr. Tony for a fireball in my neck. I was reluctant because acupuncture didn’t work for me before. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! After 4 sessions I was totally pain-free and have been so for a number of years! Dr. Tony is highly trained, and the practice is very professional. If I have pain anywhere, ever again, Dr. Tony will be my first stop.”

Acupuncture is a great support in your quest for health, healing, and wellness. It gives one a relaxed feeling of overall harmony and health. “Most patients leave the office on Cloud Nine,” said Dr. Tony.

Other types of medical issues Dr. Tony has been asked to treat are for Long Haul Covid Symptoms (LHCS). Many of the lingering health concerns after a bout of Covid can be debilitating. At Acu-puncture Zen, LHCS are treated with acupuncture, herbal medicine, and specialty CBD products. It’s common for patients to get relief from fatigue, insomnia, headaches, shortness of breath, and a myriad of other symptoms.
“During these times, whether you have had covid or not, we should all be aware of the importance of keeping the immune function strong. Chinese medicine helps balance the system with the regulation of Qi and blood, tonifying the immune system, as well as maintaining harmony of Yin and Yang.”

Whether you have Acupuncture treatments, Crystal Light Therapy, Laser Therapy, or healing hands, you will likely leave feeling relaxed, de-stressed and rejuvenated with a balanced body, mind, and spirit.

That is exactly what happened to Delores. “Dr. Tony, I am so happy to have found you. The treatment is not only helping me with my neck and back pain, but also with my mind. I feel more relaxed and have a smile on my face everywhere I go. I know it sounds weird, but I feel happy.”

Enter the healing realm of Acupuncture Zen where you can get the perfect blend of treatment designed just for you. Dr. Tony is a Modern-Day Shaman helping all who enter. He Welcomes You!


900 E Atlantic Ave – Suite 11
Delray Beach, FL 33483
Call 561-NEEDLES (561-633-3537)

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