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Everyone’s Happy Place

Ranier Abreu knew he was onto something big when he and partner Rafael Baretta opened their first gourmet toast and coffee bar in Parkland, Florida.

The enthusiasm was overwhelming – and the need for residents to gather over fresh coffee and tea was evident from their first day in business.

“We opened our first coffee bar in Parkland at a time when people needed a place to congregate and communicate their shared sense of grief. We were part of their healing process,” said Abreu.

Part of that healing process was culinary as well. They started out as a gourmet coffee bar, but many days they were asked repeatedly for avocado toast.

So that’s what they did. They added avocado toast to their menu of gourmet coffees and teas with milk for every palette – soy, coco-nut, almond milk, and beyond.

As the demand grew so did the menu. They now offer nine avocado toast dishes, paninis, flat-breads, salads, delicious desserts, beer, and wine.

The avocado toast dishes are diverse (and en-ticing) ranging from Feta Walnut Avocado Toast to Burrata and Prosciutto Avocado Toast, Caprese Avocado Toast, and more. The paninis and toast dishes are equally as alluring. There’s hummus open-faced toast with brie cheese, sundried tomatoes, black olives, and arugula or a Prosciutto and Swiss Cheese Croissant with arugula.

The magic ingredient in this relatively new chain of gourmet coffee bars is that they spread their retail wings rather quickly. Within months of opening in Parkland, they expanded their retail footprint to 1,700-square-feet.

They also opened stores in Pompano, East Boca Raton, West Delray Beach, and East Delray. They’re opening in West Boca in December and are offering franchise opportunities for future expansion.

The reception has been nothing short of spectacular.

“What a TREAT! The Arugula Prosciutto Swiss was so yummy I almost licked the cutting board it was served on! Their tea selections are delicious. Carmela is a new little Gem in the Delray Beach food scene – give it a try!” said Christina.

The reason everyone is drawn to this rustic, yet homey gourmet coffee haven is that they not only serve food that is dipped in familial greatness, but they offer something even greater.

“I wanted to connect emotionally with my customers, I realized that it’s not about what you drink, it’s about how you feel. In Delray Beach people want a place to go that feels like home where they can get great food, coffee, or tea,” adds Abreu.
Abreu is right. People can connect with friends over an Arugula and Organic Chicken Salad or Crispy Bacon and Brie Cheese Panini. The large tables are perfect for families or friends to gather and share life’s more salient moments.

The smaller ones are perfect for those who want the solitude and sweetness of contemplation or want to use their computers. There are plugs to gear up your devices, foliage to foster warmth, wood tables, recessed lighting, and amiability to make it feel like home.

The secret sauce, according to Baretta, is that serving coffee and toast is their excuse for selling an experience. That experience is one rooted in happiness and love for their customers and their culinary prowess.

Their menu is extensive – and includes items rarely found in gourmet coffee bars. They’re healthy and tasty in the same way a sunset is to our well-being. For breakfast, you can get Avocado Toast with a poached egg, bacon, and cheddar cheese, or a bagel with salmon and cream cheese, boiled egg, capers, and chives.

The coffee is their native tongue, so to speak. Baretta’s family is in the coffee business in Venezuela, and their coffee is freshly harvested in Costa Rica. You can get lattes, cappuccinos, mocha, espresso, macchiato, cortado, and American coffee. If you want to hit a sweet spot try add-ons such as marshmallow, whipped cream, drizzle, syrup flavors, and more.

“A great cup of coffee does not just happen, it requires time, resources, and dedication. We see the positivity, beauty, and community in this industry. We like to do things well and we enjoy when we hear people rave about our coffee.”

“I am in love with this coffee shop. You can make your own avocado toast; the coffee is DELISH! We had such a nice time drinking coffee, reading and a chess game. The coffee cake and coconut banana cake are insane! DELISH IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT. A must try!!!”

It’s no surprise that this three-year-old coffee company has expanded rapidly. They’re dedicated to making everyone feel cozy, comfortable, and welcome with quality drinks and wholesome gourmet food. It’s just like the cup says, “Camela Coffee Company, brewing happiness.”

You can also purchase their gourmet coffee beans and make your own coffee at home.

If you are interested in a franchise contact franchising@carmelacoffee.com


247 SE 6th Ave, Suite 1
East Delray Beach

8918 W. Atlantic Ave, Bay 300
West Delray Beach


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