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This year’s 2021 All People’s Day® is a spectacular virtual retrospective of ten years of our free festivals at Pompey Park in Delray Beach, FL. It shows the positive and fun aspects of connecting with people from different cultures through the arts, hoping to form a better world. We will illuminate the three traditions of the holiday, feature many diverse performances, and honor “Black Lives Matter,” Monica Heron and Jack Lieberman who passed away and were festival favorites. Our festivals include more than performers and are run entirely by volunteers. Since many hundreds of people were involved we list those who participated for three years or more as committee chairs, volunteers, sponsors and nonprofit or selling booths. However, all People’s Day thanks everyone involved including the thousands of attendees.

Our performers include:

The “Delray Divas” doing African American Step Dancing

“Pink Slip” a white Euro duo leading our version of We Are Family

“Anadir Seares” a Brazilian singer

The “South Florida Taiko Dojo” who play huge Japanese drums

The “Delray Beach Community Choir” are African Americans singing Gospel music

“Cecelia St King” a Euro Peace Troubadour

“Kevin Locke” teaching and performing Native American

Hoop Dancing “La Palma” and “Folklore” performing Mexican dances

“Alexander Star” with his African American Hip Hop music

The “Chinese Performing Arts” dancers

The “Kelly Academe of Irish Dance”

“Jayayjeffm” performing Indian Caribbean dance

“Monica Heron” African American dancer

All People’s Day, as the name suggests is for people of all ages, skin colors, religions, cultures, sexes and sexual orientations, sizes, abilities and disabilities. At the start of the video the founder, Susan Berkowitz-Schwartz, explains the three traditions of the holiday with several examples of each from festivals. The “Craft Dough People” workshop has kids experience “All people are made from the same ingredients and should therefore be treated with equal respect.” The “Symbol” (logo) has four families of different cultures with their arms crossing their hearts, holding hands, surrounding the globe, hoping for peace and understanding in the world. Folding the “Origami Peace Cranes” is an international peace symbol. It started because Sadako a young Japanese girl dying of Leukemia, due to exposure to the Nuclear Bomb, tried to fold 1,000 cranes and bring peace to the world. The first two traditions are a few examples of Susan’s original hands-on projects that this credentialed Art Therapist incorporated into the festivals. Susan’s husband Elliott Schwartz filmed all ten festivals with other volunteer videographers and edited the enormous footage to make this extraordinary video experience.

Starts Sat, March 20th from 11 AM to 12 Noon Eastern Standard Time and repeats for 8 Hrs on www.AllPeoplesDay.org.

Facebook.com/allpeoplesday, Instagram: all_peoples_day, YouTube: Elliott A Schwartz.

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