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Shakespeare Troupe of South Florida to present Twelfth Night

August 14th & 15th

“Better a witty fool, than a foolish wit.” – William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night

The Shakespeare Troupe of South Flori-da will present their production of Twelfth Night for two performances only – at the Mizner Park Cultural Center in Boca Raton on August 14th, and at the Delray Beach Playhouse on August 15th.

One of William Shakespeare’s most popular plays, Twelfth Night is a romantic comedy of love and ambition, and centers on twins Viola and Sebastian. Separated in a shipwreck, each believes the other has been lost. Viola disguises herself as a young man named Cesario, and the now identical sister and brother separately seek their fortunes in the sea-coast country of Illyria. Viola/Cesario unwittingly captures the heart of the wealthy countess Olivia and ro-mantic and comedic complications ensue.
The play is believed to have been written between 1601 and 1602 as a Twelfth Night entertainment for the close of the Christ-mas season, and features several of Shake-speare’s most iconic characters, including Sir Toby Belch, Sir Andrew Aguecheek, the fool Feste, and Malvolio the pompous stew-ard of Countess Olivia’s household.

General Admission tickets for Twelfth Night are available online and are Free. There are also VIP tickets available for each performance.

For more information about the Shake-speare Troupe of South Florida visit https://shakestroupe.org or Peter W. Gal-man at anon@shakestroupe.org / 718-813-7383 or Carol Kassie at Carol@Carol-Kassie.com / 561-445-9244.

Twelfth Night performance dates and times: August 14 at 7:30 pm at Mizner Park Cul-tural Center, 201 Plaza Real, Boca Raton

Tickets: General Admission – Free, VIP Tickets: $25
Box Office: 844-672-2849

Tickets online: https://miznerparkcul-turalcenter.com/events/twelfth-night-or-what-you-will

August 15 at 2:00 pm at Delray Beach Playhouse, 950 NW 9th Street, Delray Beach
Tickets: General Admission – Free, VIP Tickets: $25

Box Office: 561-272-1281

Tickets online: https://delraybeach-playhouse.com/performance/twelfth-night-or-what-you-will

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