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FOCUS – Dave Rineberg

Ace. Love. Rally. Ask most people, and they will likely convey varying definitions of what those terms depict. In Dave Rineberg’s universe however, they all paint a picture of his world on the tennis court.

Spending the first ten years of life in Wichita, Kansas, Dave’s career path is hardly the first profession that comes to mind when you think about growing up in the midwest. Instead of participating in baseball during the summer season like many of his peers, he alternatively focused on the warm weather sport of tennis, which ultimately would lead Dave to his destiny. Relocating to Delray Beach, Florida in 1989, he began competing on the Men’s Pro Circuit and did so for six years.

“Moving to South Florida and hearing tennis balls being hit through the air as I woke up was like a dream come true. Little did I know… my dreams were just beginning.”

Building his reputation as a first-class hitting partner and coach to top players in the area, Dave set into motion creating a name for himself.

In 1992, fate would literally come calling. While working at the Deerfield Tennis Center, Rineberg received a message from Richard Williams.

“I was just about to leave for Kansas to celebrate the holidays, and almost missed the phone call that would change my life. Everyone was talking about this man who was the father of two tennis phenoms that recently relocated from California to Florida.”
Richard’s progeny athletes turned out to be Venus and Serena Williams. Utilizing his expertise, Rineberg molded the young powerhouses into the household names they are today.

“Those were the formidable years when they were developing as champions, and at the end of those seven years, Venus had made her mark. Then because I had those two girls, I had players coming from all over to have me coach them. Once I had two number one players in the world, everybody started knocking on my door. One of my specialties is taking a player out of junior tennis and launching them into the pros. Making that transition is very difficult for a lot of youths. It’s challenging, and you must learn to train and prepare yourself differently, and in a positive way.”

Dave’s tenacity and determination that is present in all aspects of his life, was once again front and center when he embarked on a journey to add author to his resumé. After numerous attempts, his first published book, Venus & Serena, My Seven Years as Hitting Coach for the Williams Sisters, sold over eight hundred thousand copies and was translated into seven languages.

“I found when I was with the William’s sisters, Venus was breaking down all these barriers in tennis, and I wanted to remember every instance correctly. I set about carrying a notepad with me so I could write down stories as they occurred. When I was done coaching them, I had stacks of notebooks with a lot of anecdotes… and soon started to piece it together as a novel.”

The movie King Richard, aptly named for the Williams sister’s father, stars Will Smith and released in November of this year. Exhibiting a large-scale display commemorating the rise of two tennis superstars, this feature chronicles a major part of the stage in which Dave worked with the girls.

“Although this isn’t my screenplay, I am pleased that this period in their lives has been cinematically archived. This span of time was a truly an exciting moment in history.”

Publishing six additional books – including two fiction works under the pseudonym David Anthony, helping coach more players onto the Women’s Tennis Association than any other American instructor, and becoming a Global Tennis Professional Certified Coach, it’s clear Dave lives by the motto he instills in all his players.

“Passion, practice, purpose. You must have the passion, and put in practice hours … but then you have to practice with purpose. Without undeniable passion for the sport, it’s challenging to get to the next level no matter how hard you work. Venus and Serena had purpose… their career may have started with their father but they truly wanted to dominate on the court.”

Rineberg’s spirit has continued to reside in tennis as he presently remains a force in the community, offering private lessons for females and males, all ages and abilities.
“I love coaching all levels, and am currently working with some amazing junior kids, instructing men’s clinics, as well as working with my pro players. Everyone has something to work on, and I strive to find solutions for people to better their game. I’m also always looking for the next number one player. Athleticism is noticeable right away. Once you see it… the power may be uncontrollable, but we can harness that strength with drills. You don’t want to take the power away, rather use it in a more constructive manner.”

Rineberg’s most recent competitor Leylah Fernandez, fought

her way through numerous fierce opponents to compete in the finals of the 2021 U.S. Open. Dave says the joy of seeing one of his players achieve their personal goals makes all the hard work worth it.

Dave’s accomplishments have led to other entertainment opportunities. Appearing on numerous television broadcasts including NBC Sports, Good Morning America, ESPN, and E-True Hollywood Stories he claims is “one of the perks of having success in your career.” Athletically gifted, Dave is also a scratch golfer and spent a year traveling with the Champions Tour as he wrote the screenplay, Tin Cup 2 / Senior Open, which has already made it’s way to the desk of Kevin Costner but has not been optioned yet. Rineberg’s professional career has spanned over three decades and shows no signs of slowing down. Dave says he has learned quite a few life lessons from playing tennis that coincide with everyday life. “Stay positive, remain focused, and always listen to your phone messages.”

***Rineberg currently lives in Delray Beach and is available for private coaching all year-round, except when his ranked players have travel dates and his presence is required. You can get in contact to schedule lessons either by email or phone.

Email: Kmc84dr@aol.com Phone: (561) 350-3250

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