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A Shop of Wonders to Buy and Admire Radiant Gemstone Creations

World Crystal is a rare jewel in the retail landscape. There are few stores like this in the US and even fewer in Palm Beach County.

The reason is that these high-quality gemstone products are rarely available in one place. You might find a few in a gift shop at a tourist attraction, but you won’t find an entire store dedicated to selling (and showing) these natural radiant products.

The reason that Delray Beach is the center of the gemstone uni-verse is because Marcelo Neves brought these precious gemstones (and products made of them) to the US from his native Brazil.

It was not commerce that sparked his deep knowledge and love of gemstones, it was his birthright.

“I started working in my grandfather’s gemstone business in Goiás, Brazil when I was five years old. My grandfather collected gemstones and sold them to shop owners and collectors,” said the amiable owner of World Crystal.

As legend would have it his grandfather opened a mine in Brazil and began bringing rare gemstones to be made into gift items, jewelry, sculptures and healing crystals.

His beloved grandson, Marcelo began wholesaling the gemstones, but realized their beauty was beyond their inherent goodness. The result was a retail shop that resembles a museum of crystal radiance and goodness.

“I wanted to share these unique gemstone treasures with people who would cherish and enjoy them. I dreamed of coming to the US and finding a city to open a retail store. It was important for me to go where gemstones would be appreciated and bring harmony and happiness to others.”

When he visited Delray Beach, Marcelo felt he had found his oasis for gemstones. He knew instinctually that the people (and tourists) in Delray Beach would appreciate the mystical quality and inherent beauty of these rare gemstones and artifacts.

He was right.

“My shop opened 16 months ago. I am so happy I moved to Del-ray Beach to showcase these beautiful and powerful gemstone home décor items and crystal pieces.”
It is not just locals who have embraced World Crystal. Tourists from all over the globe have been shopping (and shipping) large gemstone arches and smaller pieces to their homes overseas.

It’s no surprise that this is happening. The brilliant hues and sparkling radiance of each item that surrounds you in World Crystal has meaning beyond their inherent beauty.

There are five-foot Amethyst crystal towers with purple hues and others with more neutral tones. Shoppers buy them to adorn their homes (or offices) and bring good luck or abundance to their lives.

One 9-foot crystal quartz tower weighs 1,500 pounds and stands stoically beside smaller daintier quartz massagers and cheese cut-ters. That is the beauty of this store that beckons you inside with its pure intention and clear-cut earthly goodness.

Though the eye sees Amethyst as something of rare beauty, it is also known as one of the most powerful and protective healing stones. It can be in its natural state, cut into the shape of a small Bon-sai Tree or polished into jewels. A quick aside – if you’re looking for an anniversary gift – Amethyst is the perfect stone for six years of marriage. It’s also the birthstone for people born in February.

For those who love the texture and quality of Amethyst and want to admire its beauty, they have large cut-out gemstones on swivel stands. There are also gemstone towers with cut-out Amethyst slic-es (Geodes) to adorn your hallway or living room.

For those who love gemstones, but don’t see your future wrapped up in the largeness of this beauty, don’t fret.

World Crystal has a large – and spectacular selection – of smaller items as well. There are gemstone birds perched atop crystal bases, miniature horses made of black crystal (Obsidian), modern tabletop Obsidian pieces in sleek textured shapes, body forms and historic shapes.

The Dark Obsidian is known for its powerful grounding properties and its ability to bring clarity and peace.

There are many mystical properties to the crystal figures and Goddesses on display. Though some are revered as a form of worship, many people find serenity and power in these gemstone pieces.

There are colorful gemstone statues of Ganesh, Shiva, Parvati and others. They come in Lepidolite, blue lapis, gold, and other illustrious gemstones.

If you stop and look at the glass cases that surround you, you will find dazzling museum-quality gemstone sculptures made in the shape of hearts, skulls, coasters, boats and more. There are also wonderful gift items such as gemstone knives, spatulas, bread cutters, serving pieces and two-tier platters with gold electroplated edging.

One rare piece of artistic wonder is the Yellow Jade hand-carved ships with figurines. Yellow Jade is not only rare, but it represents good luck and good fortune. The ships are meticulously ornate with cut-out detail and miniature seafaring detail.

They also have Pyrite gemstones that can sit atop a desk, cabinet or table. Pyrite is known as “Fools Gold” and is supposed to bring good financial fortune to those who collect it. It’s also believed to promote wellness and support the body’s protection.

If you are looking for artwork, they now sell abstract paintings with crystal reverie and decoration. The colorful paintings have a gemstone quality with wide brush strokes and tiny gemstone adornment.

A visit to Crystal World is a treasure hunt to infinity. It’s one part museum, one part gift shop and a healing balm for the soul. Customers describe their experience as one of delight as well.

“The store is extremely beautiful, with excellent service and great energy due to the precious stones. I really love it!!”

The gemstones at World Crystal are from all over the world and carefully curated and culled from their origin. Josie and Marcelo (and his daughter Isabella) will answer your questions and delight in the magical quality of gemstones with you as well.

Come to where life is celebrated, and greatness is abundant. You will cherish the time you spend there.

47 SE 5TH Avenue
Delray Beach, Fl

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