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A Sanctuary of Health and Healing

To honor perfection is a high form of being. To help people in need of healing is another form of perfection. Dr. Tony Willcox is both healer and master of perfection.

He won’t tell you this because humility is one of his other traits. If you talk to his clients (and patients) they will tell you that Dr. Tony is a master healer and kind-hearted practitioner who has helped them tremendously.

Chad Renfro is one of them. The Consulting Producer and Osage Nation Ambassador on Martin Scorsese’s new film, “Killers of the Flower Moon” was recently at Acupuncture Zen.

He was travelling promoting the film and recently came back from LA where he attended the Academy Awards Gala. “Acupuncture is tremendous, Dr. Tony gives great care and kindness along with good vibes. He helped me feel better after spending so much time on the road. I also loved the NovoThor Red Light Therapy which is both relaxing and energizing at the same time,” said Chad.

Paul, a retired Aviation veteran was plagued with neuropathy. He had gone to many specialists for the burning sensation in his feet and debilitating pain. The medications he was given by doctors didn’t help either.

“I woke up every hour with pain and couldn’t sleep. I drive up from Hollywood to see Dr. Tony and he developed a series of treatments targeted for my condition using acupuncture and K Laser Therapy. I have got to say, it has helped me tremendously!

I don’t have to soak my feet in ice anymore and I am functioning better during the day, thanks to the treatments I am getting at Acupuncture Zen. I now sleep through the night, and I am grateful that my nerves are getting better.”

Many people come to Acupuncture Zen with all types of aches and pains and are touting the positive life-changing experiences they have had there.


Patients receive personalized targeted treatments for their specific needs. Dr. Tony said, “We are all so different and as unique as a fingerprint on your hand. Each person requires a unique treatment.”

Whether it’s a pain or a simple headache or a more complex health concern, there’s a good chance Dr. Tony can help you. He has helped many patients from all over the country (and internationally) with his tried-and-true techniques in the past 18 years of clinical practice.

Targeted therapeutic tools like the K Laser Speciale, a powerful 100-watt laser that uses Artificial Intelligence to give each patient a unique and optimized treatment specifically for their body.

“The K laser increases circulation, nutrients, and oxygen to damaged or injured areas of the body. It reduces inflammation, pain, muscle stiffness and accelerates tissue regeneration enhancing healing,” said Dr. Tony, who has a Double Doctorate in Acupuncture and Chinese herbal Medicine, a Clinical Doctorate in the US, and a PhD. in Acupuncture from Hefei, China.

Dr. Tony has not only studied with the finest minds in Oriental medicine, but he is driven to help everyone who enters his healing domain.

If you don’t believe in miracles just ask patient Steve.

“I had excruciating pain in my neck from cervical surgery that just wouldn’t abate. I went to the hospital and was given drugs to no avail. I had another MRI, saw my orthopedic surgeon again, and it didn’t help. I could hardly turn my neck, driving and shaving was brutal.

Finally, my doctor said, ‘have you considered acupuncture?’ I went to Acupuncture Zen and committed to 11 treatments. I’m now happy to say I am 95% pain free, and my range of motion has vastly improved. I give Dr. Tony all the credit.”

Steve is not the only patient whose life has been turned around when all else has failed them. Finn Murphy is another success story.

“Dr. Tony is absolutely the best! My visits consisted of combined cutting-edge technology like the red light and laser treatments with a masterful application of acupuncture and cupping. I had been dealing with a pinched nerve in my neck for three months and he did more for my healing in a couple of visits than all the other treatments I tried combined (which were a lot). I can’t recommend Dr. Tony highly enough.”

Diego Dominguez, a former ATP Tennis Tour coach now retired due to a severe injury to his spine said, “I didn’t believe in miracles, and then I met Dr. Tony!

He got me walking straight and managing my condition. I love the great energy at Acupuncture Zen, and I am getting my life back, Dr. Tony is the best!”


Dmitry Kulikov, the Florida Panthers defender had this to say: “Hockey is a physical sport so naturally my body is taking a lot of hits. Acupuncture helps me to recover from aches and pains and get ready for the games.

Dr. Tony is great, and I always feel better after his treatments!”

One of the most revolutionary treatments that Steve (and others) have had profound success with at Acupuncture Zen is the Novo-THOR red light therapy.

There are only four NovoTHOR light tables in the State of Florida. This whole-body red-light therapy system uses red and near-infrared light to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and speed up healing, said Dr. Tony, who has been the acupuncturist for The NHL Florida Panthers and on the Medical Team with a UFC Fight Team.

NovoTHOR is so successful at treating ailments and pain that it is being used by US Special Forces, Olympians, Celebrities, Professional Athletes and leading Sports Teams in the NFL, NBA, UFC & NHL.

Dr. Tony has developed his art of healing and blended it with ancient wisdom at his state-of-the-art clinic.

900 E Atlantic Ave – Suite 11
Delray Beach, FL 33483
Call 561-NEEDLES

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